Why is my phone charger hot and should i worry?

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If you’ve ever noticed that your iPhone or Android phone’s charger feels warm or hot to the touch after using it, you may be wondering why this is happening and if it’s something to worry about. Here’s what you need to know.

Normally, electronics produce some heat

A little heat is normal in any phone charger. YOur battery charger converts AC power from your socket in A.D power for your phone and generates heat during the process.

To perform the AC / DC conversion, the charger uses an electrical component called a transformer. Transformers produce heat due to the normal process of conducting electricity and also through eddy currents and other losses, which are a side effect of the operation of transformers. In general, the more current a transformer provides, the more heat it will produce.

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Under normal circumstances, a phone charger might feel a little warm to the touch, and that’s okay – it works as expected. But if it’s more than just hot, or unusually hot all of a sudden when it hasn’t been hot before, then you may have a problem.

How hot is too hot?

If your battery charger is spicy to the point where is it itS. uncomfortable to hold or tap, ThatS. a clear sign That something is wrong. This could be due to a malfunction inside the charger itself or a problem with the connection between the charger and the outlet. Authentic, high-quality chargers have protection circuits that will automatically shut down the charger if something goes wrong. But this circuit may not work properly or you may be using a low quality or counterfeit charger.

Self your battery charger is uncomloudskillfully spicy, aplug it from the socket and look for any visible signs of dirt or obstructions on the prongs that plug into the wall outlet. Also, check that your phone’s charging port is clean and inspect the USB port on the charger itself (if any) for any signs of dirt or lint buildup.

Once the port is clean, try again, and if it still warms up, use a different cable to see if the problem persists. Even so, there are some cases where you don’t want to take any chances by trying different cables, which we’ll cover below.

When does a hot charger become a fire hazard?

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If you see any of these warning signs in your charger or charging cable, stop using the charger or cable immediately and replace it. If you have a faulty charger, you can try contacting the manufacturer’s customer support to get a replacement.

  • Visible signs of melting in the charger plastic or charger cable.
  • An unusual smell coming from the charger, such as the smell of smoke or melting plastic.
  • Burn marks (black or brown burn marks) on the charger, cord, or socket to which the charger is connected.
  • A sudden amount of heat that is new or unusual.
  • Fragments, cracks, or physical damage to the cable or charger.

Also, remember to charge your phone away from anything flammable or combustible. This applies to any charger, even if it works well.

Stick to high quality branded chargers

As mentioned above, one of the reasons you might have a hot phone charger is because it’s a low quality or counterfeit part. These parts do not comply with the safety standards and regulations that keep us safe.

Currently, it is a well-known problem in the industry that online vendors such as Amazon.com and AliExpress sell many counterfeit and potentially dangerous electronic products. This includes chargers for wireless, wired and USB phones. If you bought a charger that isn’t working properly, ask for a refund and consider buying a new charger directly from your phone manufacturer, such as Apple or Samsung.

The best phone chargers of 2022

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If you buy a third-party charger from Amazon, only buy reputable brand name products from suppliers like Anker or check out our buying guide for advice. A recent analysis showed that around 42% of reviews on Amazon are fake, so you can’t trust those alone. Good luck and stay safe out there!

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