Weir Creek Salt Marsh Restoration Study Receives Funding

DENNIS – A West Dennis salt marsh that has been nearly cut off by the ebb and flow of the tides, its marine heartbeat fading as it is constantly choked by invasive reeds and freshwater plants, may have a chance at resurgence thanks to a grant from the Southeast New England Program.

The regional initiative, funded by Congress and administered by the US Environmental Protection Agency, recently awarded $138,616 to the Association to Preserve Cape Cod to study the feasibility of tidal restoration of the Weir Creek wetlands.

April Wobst, a restoration ecologist with the association, said the nonprofit would partner with the city on the effort.

“We’ve been looking, together with cities, at restoration needs across the Cape for more than a decade,” he said. The Weir Creek area, she said, has been identified in several listings as an area in need of attention.

Weir Creek Wetlands eventually flow into the Bass River and from there into Nantucket Sound. The study will investigate the restoration of more than 70 acres of wetlands along Weir Creek, which also has connections to Kelleys Pond and Uncle Stephans Pond.

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