Wahoo launches new Kickr and Kickr Bike with WiFi and a price increase

Ten years ago, the first Wahoo Kickr turbo trainer hit the market. A decade later and now we’re getting the new Wahoo Kickr direct drive turbo trainer and also version two of the Kickr Bike. That first Wahoo Kickr wasn’t the first to bring some sort of computer-controlled system to indoor driving, but it was the first to do it in a way that worked for most people. Before Kickr, the few options you could choose between used proprietary systems operating in a tight market space; the first generation Wahoo Kickr changed everything by being open and available to any business as a platform. Every list of the best turbo trainers since 2012 includes a Wahoo Kickr in some way, but Wahoo continues to innovate.

One of the biggest changes for the Wahoo Kickr world has been the expansion of the ecosystem, mainly due to increased competition. Wahoo introduced pricing options with Wahoo Kickr Core and Kickr Rollrs and add-ons that enhance realism with Wahoo Kickr Climb. Since 2019 there has been the option to combine everything with the Wahoo Kickr Bike and they have even considered usability with a desk and fan. More recently there has been a bigger push in the software side of things with the Wahoo X streaming service as well.

Now, as we approach the 2022/2023 winter riding season in the Northern Hemisphere, the brand is once again revisiting the products on which its reputation is based. The question is: what remains to be improved with the current state of refinement of the sector? The answer, at least from Wahoo, is usability.

Wahoo Kickr v6 with ecosystem

Wahoo’s indoor training has grown significantly in previous years (Image credit: Josh Ross)


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