Version: VitaDB Downloader 1.4 by Renegatamante

It’s been less than a week since Renegatamante released VitaDB Downloader, an “app store” for your homebrew-enabled PS Vita. And a few major updates have already been made last week, most notably with theme support – a very welcome addition for those who like to customize their hacking experience.

Themes can be downloaded here and you can submit your own. (Maybe a future update will allow us to install themes directly from the app?). Particularly with 1.4, Renegatamante brings even more customization, with the ability to customize color schemes for all GUI elements.

What is VitaDB Downloader

VitaDB is the Vita app repository most used by owners of homebrew-enabled PS Vita consoles. The database houses thousands of software and utility games, with a website where people can manually download the homebrew for manual installation on their console. It also provides an API, which allows developers to programmatically access the database. This specifically means that there are several Vita app homebrew stores that allow you to install games directly from your Vita using this repository.

There are multiple “homebrew installers” that take advantage of VitaDB, such as Vita Homebrew Browser (VHBB), Easy VPK, Better homebrew Browser and more. Which one you will use depends on your personal preferences, but Renegatamante (who developed and maintains VitaDB) has shown frustration that everyone seems to have problems.

It is in this context that he decided to release VitaDB Downloader, which can be considered the “official” VitaDB client.

VitaDB download program features

  • Search by author / homebrew name.
  • Filtering of apps by category.
  • View all screenshots available for apps.
  • Sorting apps by different criteria (newest, oldest, most downloaded, least downloaded, alphabetically)
  • View different metadata for apps.
  • Download and installation of vpk + data or vpk files only at the user’s discretion. (You no longer need to re-download the data files every time you want to update a homebrew for which the data files are unchanged)
  • Minimalist GUI based on the beloved ImGui with a focus on robustness over fantasy.
  • Quick boot time (only the first boot will take a little longer due to the app icons download. Subsequent boots will be practically instant)
  • Low storage usage (screenshots are served on demand, the only data that is kept in storage is app icons with overall storage usage less than 10MB).
  • Tracking of installed apps, even if not installed via VitaDB Downloader, and their status (obsolete / updated).
  • Background music (you can customize it by changing ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.ogg with your favorite track).
  • Background image / video (you can customize it by editing ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.mp4 or ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.png).
  • Support for themes (Customizing GUI elements via ux0: data / VitaDB / themes.ini).

In our experience, VitaDB Downloader has proven to be extremely reliable and blazingly fast.


  • Analog left or up / down arrows = Move selection
  • Circle = Cancel selection
  • Left Arrow (when selection is cleared) = Return to Search text box (start of list)
  • Start = Show / Hide screenshot for selected homebrew
  • L / R = Change the ordering of homebrews
  • X = Install homebrew

VitaDB Downloader 1.4: the news

There have been 4 new releases since the last time we talked about VitaDB Downloader (which was version 1.0), so we’re putting the change logs for all these updates below.

VitaDB 1.4 Downloader

  • Added a check after installing an app if the installation was successful or not.
  • Added proper cleanup of leftover files when an installation abruptly aborts or fails.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong icon to be displayed when performing a search and switching to the first app on the list.
  • Fixed a bug that caused app information to be displayed even when the cursor is not on an app.
  • Added requirements pop-ups when trying to install an app with additional requirements for proper configuration (eg Plug-in requirements or complete data files from the original game).
  • Added the ability to customize the color scheme for all GUI elements (ux0: data / VitaDB / themes.ini).
  • Added proper application status monitoring (Not installed, outdated, updated).
  • Accelerated startup time. VitaDB Downloader will now start about one second faster.
  • Added the ability to check the change log for the selected app by pressing the Select button.
  • Renamed “Category:” option to “Filter:”.
  • Added the ability to filter applications based on Not Installed / Installed / Not Updated criteria.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the page down (right arrow) from correctly reaching the end of the list when a filter or search was active under certain circumstances.

The theme support will undoubtedly become a favorite of most users.

VitaDB 1.3 Downloader

  • Made the quick downward move with the right arrow go down as the last entry.
  • Made visible in the menu bar at the top the filter currently in use for the app list.
  • Reworded the question of installing data files to look more correct.
  • Added smaller and larger sorting modes.
  • Added a drop-down menu to change the sorting mode (L / R is still usable to cycle through the sorting modes).
  • Added the ability to scroll through category filters with the square button.
  • Using different granularities (B, KB, MB, GB) for the size of the homebrew depending on the size itself.
  • Added free and total storage information to the bottom right of the screen.
  • Aligned to the left homebrew names in the app list.
  • Added support for backgrounds (both static (ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.png) and animated (ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.mp4)).
  • Added a check before downloading an app if there is enough free storage to install it.

VitaDB 1.2 Downloader

  • Added the ability to quickly start a search by pressing the Triangle button.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash if the background music file was missing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the app from updating from the app itself.
  • Added automatic update.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in audio crackling and stuttering when extracting from the archive.

VitaDB 1.1 Downloader

  • Added a check when more than a month has passed since the last start. In this case, give the user an option to re-download all app icons at once.
  • Added the ability to quickly scroll the list of apps with the left / right arrows.
  • Added the ability to quickly scroll the list of apps by moving the scroll bar with the left analog.
  • Added the ability to instantly return to the top of the list by pressing Circle (previously it was Circle + Left).
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t cause the scroll bar to instantly reposition when going to the top of the list.
  • Fixed a bug that caused temporary corruption of the selected app icon after installing an app.
  • Added background music (You can disable it or change track by removing / replacing ux0: data / VitaDB / bg.ogg)
  • Fixed a bug that caused the selected app to change randomly when changing the sorting mode.

Download VitaDB Downloader

Libshacccg.suprx is required to run VitaDB Downloader. If you haven’t already installed it, you can install it by following this guide:

Install like any other VPK (remember, you need a hacked PS Vita!). Once installed, you should be able to install any other homebrew (i.e. those present on VitaDB) from the VitaDB Downloader interface!

source: VitaDB

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