This £ 4.1 million McLaren Saber, one of 15, is as crazy as it sounds … and for sale


A limited edition hypercar, only for the United States, from McLaren Special Operations. Ooh, it will be cheap

What you are looking at is a good / bad news situation. Good? It’s a McLaren Saber, which is pretty much what McLaren looks like when properly let loose. The bad? Not only can you not afford it, but you probably won’t see one in real life either. At this point, it’s probably worth being a little philosophical about the situation and accepting that some things aren’t within everyone’s reach.

In fact, they’re really only for a select few: McLaren Special Operations built just 15 Sabers, all for customers in A’s US, and each equipped with an 824hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. So, probably enough to keep your speed up a big hill without having to climb.

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If you’re wondering what exactly the Saber is and why it’s not housed in your hypercar mental Rolodex, this may be due to the fact that a) it’s a limited edition special, US only, and b) a major manufacturer of MSO’s money is to do limited edition special offers for a very wealthy clientele, most of whom prefer to keep the light under the bushel. So a big PR tour was never going to be on the schedule.

Time for a quick update, then. The Saber is based on the crazy McLaren Senna, but it’s hardly a case of munching, tucking and adding frills. More than 70% of the Saber parts are unique, which leaves the base platform, transmission and greenhouse probably there to avoid having to homologate a completely new car as much as the fact that the base car is already a monster ready for the track.

As you might expect, the smoother shape drastically reduces downforce from the … er, “function on shape” Senna, offering only a third more. And another 35 hp. Unsurprisingly, less aerodynamics and more power translate into a top speed of 218 mph, making the Saber the fastest two-seater McLaren ever.

And also one that was a very personalized creation, adapted to the whims and wishes of its owner from the very beginning. And the credit is due: while the Saber itself is as thin as a sucker fist, the customization is actually quite measured, accentuating the sheer madness of the car rather than detracting from the aesthetics of the ‘McLaren Senna bolted inside a’ Hot Wheels cars “with madness per se. Take notes, tuners.

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At this point, you are probably wondering about the price. Well, consider for a second that this is a bespoke, hand-built, limited-run McLaren, loosely based on a sold-out £ 750,000 racetrack-ready hypercar, with only 70% new parts handpicked. Which could somehow explain why Mecum estimates it will reach up to $ 5,000,000 USD (£ 4,100,000 approximately) at its Monterey auction in a fortnight. It’s been two weeks for our American friends. Some things aren’t for everyone to get.

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