The role of borrower data in today’s housing market

In-depth borrower data and advanced technology solutions are critical to success in today’s modern mortgage industry. HousingWire recently spoke with Dan Catinella, chief lending officer at Total Expert, about how customer intelligence technology is improving business flow and propelling the customer experience into the 21st century.

HousingWire: As mortgage lenders continue to look for ways to cut costs in a high rate environment, what are some key areas they should still be looking to innovate?

Dan Catinella: Lenders should lean on the power of their technology stack as they seek to cut costs in the current market environment. By implementing the right technology within their organizations, traditional financial institutions can further innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

Assessing which tools in your current stack have the greatest ROI and simplifying their use are key to ensuring loan officers work more efficiently. The best tools will enable lenders to be innovative in how they target prospective customers and interact with current customers.

Total Expert uses data to gain insights into how customers and prospects engage with marketing and sales, which helps them make well-informed decisions about how to better connect and engage with them moving forward.

Upgrading or optimizing your technology toolkit with efficiency-enhancing technology solutions like Total Expert gives traditional lenders the advantages needed to compete in a tough market and is a great starting point for minimizing costs.

HW: What role does customer intelligence play in today’s challenging real estate market?

A.D: Today’s challenging marketplace makes it critical for mortgage lenders to connect with customers using hyper-personalized messaging based on where they are in their financial journeys.

Explaining market changes, educating about financial strategies, and tapping into referral networks are all important ways to connect with customers, even when they may not want to buy a home. Staying engaged and informed is key to discovering and growing relationships.

Total Expert Customer Intelligence is the perfect tool to surface customer insights and provide lenders with the intent and behavior data they need to connect at key moments of opportunity. With a rapidly changing market, lenders leveraging data and intelligent automation can surface opportunities to serve past customers and ensure they are maximizing their opportunities through recommended actions and predefined workflows. The tool is all about injecting the human element at the right time and empowering sales people with the intelligence through data and insights to have those meaningful conversations.

At the moment, that could also mean engaging customers with more educational content. Developing strategies that look beyond current market conditions will ensure customers know they have someone they can trust when they decide it’s time to buy.

Strategies including cost of waiting, rent versus buy, and other lending opportunities for first-time home buyers will help you optimize to the top of your funnel. When loan officers have access to the right data to inform and advise on these strategies, customers will feel empowered to decide when the time is right.

HW extension: How can Customer Intelligence increase borrower retention and the flow of profitable deals?

A.D: Customer Intelligence is a game changer for customer retention because it combines key insights with industry-leading intelligent automation. Borrowers are more likely to remain loyal and have a rewarding experience when working with a financial institution that anticipates their financial needs.

The various customer insights trigger customizable workflows, allowing lenders to proactively connect based on the unique financial situation of the individual customer at the time and fuel the relationship with personalized content.

Customer Intelligence also helps mortgage lenders accelerate deal flow by combining borrower intent with automation to identify opportunities that might otherwise have been missed.

Through real-time alerts, customer data can turn into funded loans by combining it with customer intent data, enabling lenders to quickly understand their needs and deliver the products and services that support their individual circumstances.

HW: How does Total Expert Customer Intelligence help lenders close more deals?

A.D: The more data and insights lenders have, the better customer experience they can provide. Loan managers can use insights from customer intelligence to inform their financial advice and strategies for their customers, who in turn will feel supported and more likely to develop long-term relationships.

In today’s challenging marketplace, it’s especially important to help clients understand their refinancing options, the benefits of ownership to build stock, or the option for a reverse mortgage. Customer Intelligence can help loan officers surface data about their customers to better understand what would be beneficial to them, given where they are in their financial journey. For example, if a client is on the cusp of buying a home but feels uneasy about current interest rates, loan officers can share strategies for a down-the-line refinance once rates dip.

Serving as a consultant and mortgage resource for clients when the market is going through a downturn is key. We are seeing a mindset shift for many creators. They are taking on an advisory role more than ever.

Leveraging the best technology and data intelligence to surface opportunities, they stay ahead of customer needs and maintain customer relationships in new and innovative ways. Keeping in touch with customers and making them feel educated and empowered will put mortgage lenders in a stronger position to close more business.

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