The rare “El Jefe” jaguar that roamed Arizona has been spotted across the border

A famous jaguar that roamed the mountains of southern Arizona for several years before disappearing in 2015 has made it more than 100 miles south in Mexico, conservation biologists say.

Mexican non-profit group Profauna said this week that the big cat known as El Jefe was photographed in an unknown mountain location in central Sonora as part of the Borderlands Linkages initiative. That program, which involves several groups on both sides of the border and led by the Wildlands Network, monitors more than 150 motion-sensing wildlife cameras in the region.

El Jefe, or “The Boss,” called by Tucson middle school students, was photographed numerous times in the mountains south of Tucson at a time when he was the only confirmed jaguar roaming the wild in the United States. Two other males have since been photographed in Arizona, though both have since disappeared, one of whom was found poached in Mexico.

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