The orange line is back. Here are some of the best memes about his comeback.

When they waved goodbye to the Orange Line before its unprecedented closure for a month, the bikers offered amusing online footage of the safety concerns and uncertainty of taking big buses in the area.

Now they are greeting her return with grim predictions about the future of the rail line and, in some cases, with gratitude for having her back.

Here are some of the best memes and jokes circulating on social media Monday morning as commuters returned to the trains:

Given the series of malfunctions, derailments and accidents in recent months, some riders were skeptical that service would resume as scheduled or if the trains would be in good condition.

One person tweeted a clip from a BBC program of a vehicle seen while it was on fire, a reminder of when an Orange Line train exploded in July and sent passengers crashing into the windows.

Another person shared a photo of train tracks leading into a body of water, labeling it the “new route of the orange line”.

Brian Estabrook, who runs the popular Twitter account Civil_War MBTAwrote a “letter to his mother” in the voice of a Civil War soldier, saying he was cautiously optimistic about returning to duty on time.

β€œWe have received the news that ours @mbta #Green Line the compatriots have suffered setbacks, but we persevere. We were given an extra ration of coffee and hard pasta. I pray this was not in vain “, he tweeted last week.

At the start of the first runs, some critics wondered if the repairs made during the arrest would prove effective.

One person created an unscientific poll asking people if they thought the trains would work properly, while another driver casually wondered what the “up / down until the next train crash” would be.

Another passenger diverted attention from the frailties of the MBTA and instead drew attention to one of the many characters people often encounter on the T: “The Dropper”.

“Who will be that person who baptizes the first train leaving by dropping the cold coffee on the floor, making sure it is at the right level of viscosity?” Ken Courtney tweeted.

It didn’t take long for that scenario unveil.

While many people were thrilled to finally get the trains back, not everyone was that anxious.

Other bikers have paid homage to the old Orange Line trains, imagining them being sent to greener pastures (most will be torn apart and melted down). Someone even dedicated Albert Hammond’s song “I’m a Train” to them and their “decades of service”.

The orange line was also a trending topic on Twitter (and not for a fire or other setback), which MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo was quick to point out.

Since the disruption of the service caused many headaches, the return of the orange line has been a cause for celebration for those who are tired of taking the shuttles everywhere.

“Thanks to the green line, but for now we have to break up,” one person tweeted.

Another person posted an image reminiscent of the signs children keep when they pose for photos on the first day of school.

WBZ reporter Carl Stevens took it one step further and wrote a poem about trains.

β€œOrange are you glad they’re racing again? Orange are you glad you got out of bed on public transport to dance in your head? she said in a video posted on Twitter.

Perhaps in an effort to entice people to return – and show them there were no hard feelings – transit officials handed out $ 5 Dunkin ‘gift cards at some stations. But not everyone was impressed.

One person wished Orange Line commuters good luck on their first day back by sharing a clip from the movie “Airplane!”

Some people have been lucky enough to have a regular commute. But others have experienced a few hiccups along the way.

But, as Chip Goines tweeted, at the end of the day “you survived the @mbtaThe collapse of the Orange Line of 2022! “

Well done.

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