The global market for advanced materials and technologies for energy production, storage and harvesting 2022

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Dublin, Nov. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “The Global Market for Advanced Materials & Technologies for Energy Production, Storage & Harvesting” report has been added to offer.

The innovation of advanced materials is dramatically improving energy production. The development of new materials for high-capacity and sustainable advanced energy storage, generation and harvesting technologies is crucial for the implementation of renewable solutions for energy grids.

The global advanced materials and technologies for energy production, storage and harvesting market covers the recent advances in batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells, photovoltaics, energy harvesting and wind turbines, including technologies, materials, markets, applications , revenues and companies.

Materials and technologies covered include:

  • Li-ion batteries and variants, current market and recent activity related to advanced material innovations.

  • Solid state thin film batteries.

  • Flexible, stretchable, rollable and foldable batteries.

  • Supercapacitors.

  • Chemical energy storage – Power-to-gas (PtG) and Power-to-liquid (PtL).

  • Storage of thermal energy (phase change materials, reversible thermochemical reactions).

  • Fuel cells (PEM, solid oxide)

  • Advanced composites for wind turbine blades.

  • Anticorrosive coatings for offshore installations.

  • Photovoltaic technologies (thin film, flexible, DSCC, organic, perovskite, inorganic silicon photovoltaic alternatives, tandem photovoltaics, concentrated solar energy, agrivoltaics, floating photovoltaics, BIPV).

  • Energy harvesting including marine energy harvesting.

  • Materials that generate electricity from vibrations.

Report contents include:

  • Insight into advanced materials and technologies for Batteries, Supercapacitors, Fuel Cells, Photovoltaics, Energy Harvesting and Wind Turbines.

  • Market trends and future prospects.

  • Global revenues, by market and technologies, historical and estimated as of 2033.

  • More than 500 company profiles. Companies profiled include Nanoramic, NAWA Technologies, Nano One Materials, Birla Carbon, Brilliant Matters, Epishine, Heliatek, Salient Energy, Enerpoly, Skeleton Technologies, Ioxus, Yunasko, Ilika, UniEnergy Technologies, Amprius, TFP Hydrogen, Aquacycl, QD Solar, Onyx Solar, Brite Solar, Ciel & Terre, Vast Solar, Sunew, Ocean Harvesting Technologies and Nowi Energy.

Main topics covered:


2.1 Batteries
2.1.1 Current battery market
2.1.2 Market drivers
2.1.3 Advanced Battery Materials
2.1.4 Flexible and stretchable batteries for electronics
2.1.5 Li-ion batteries and variants
2.1.6 Solid-state thin-film batteries
2.1.7 Flexible batteries (including stretchable, rollable, collapsible and collapsible)
2.1.8 Printed batteries
2.1.9 Redox flow batteries
2.1.10 ZN-based batteries
2.1.11 Company Profiles (214 company profiles)
2.2 Supercapacitors
2.2.1 Description of the technology
2.2.2 Electrolytes
2.2.3 Conductive hydrogels
2.2.4 Flexible and extensible supercapacitors
2.2.5 Printed supercapacitors
2.2.6 Supercapacitor markets
2.2.7 Company Profiles (34 company profiles)
2.3 Storage of chemical energy
2.3.1 Power-to-gas (PtG)
2.3.2 Power-to-liquid (PtL)
2.3.3 Benefits of e-fuels
2.3.4 Raw materials
2.3.5 Production
2.3.6 Electrolysers
2.3.7 Direct Air Capture (DAC)
2.3.8 Costs
2.3.9 Market challenges
2.3.10 Company
2.4 Accumulation of thermal energy
2.4.1 Storage of sensible heat
2.4.2 Latent heat accumulation
2.4.3 Reversible thermochemical reactions
2.4.4 Phase change materials
2.4.5 Companies (51 company profiles)
2.5 Advanced battery analysis

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Fuel cell technologies
3.2.2 Solid oxide fuel cells
3.2.3 Other types of fuel cells
3.3 Markets and applications
3.4 Market players
3.5 Global Market to 2033, by Markets (Revenue)
3.6 Company Profiles (41 Company Profiles)

4.1 Global Solar PV Market
4.2 Thin film and flexible solar cells
4.2.1 Dye-sensitized solar cells
4.2.2 Organic photovoltaics
4.2.3 Perovskite solar cells
4.2.4 Inorganic silicon photovoltaic alternatives
4.2.5 Photovoltaic tandem
4.2.6 Metamaterials
4.2.7 Deposit Methods
4.3 Market players
4.4 Concentrated solar energy
4.4.1 Description of the technology
4.4.2 Marketing
4.5 Agrivoltaic
4.5.1 Description of the technology
4.5.2 Marketing
4.6 Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
4.6.1 Photovoltaic glass
4.6.2 Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSC)
4.6.3 Organic solar cells (OSCs)
4.6.4 Perovskite solar cells (PSC)
4.6.5 Quantum dot solar cells (QDSC)
4.6.6 Copper Zinc Tin Sulphide Solar Cells (CZTS)
4.7 Floating Photovoltaic (FPV)
4.8 Global Solar PV Cell Market up to 2033, by Technology (Revenue)
4.9 Company Profiles (97 company profiles)

5.1 Energy harvesting in sensors and smart buildings
5.1.1 Piezoelectric materials
5.1.2 Thermoelectric materials
5.2 Harvesting energy to power smartwatches
5.2.1 Conductive and extensible yarns
5.2.2 Conductive polymers
5.3 Automotive sector
5.4 Metamaterials
5.5 Power the electronic fabrics
5.5.1 Supercapacitors
5.5.2 Batteries
5.5.3 Energy harvesting
5.6 Marine energy harvesting
5.7 Company Profiles (56 company profiles)

6.1 Advanced Composites
6.2 Corrosion resistant coatings for offshore installations
6.3 Company


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