The controversial MTG Beyond Cards universes are worth over $2000

In all recent sets, Wizards of the Coast has deliberately experimented with artificial rarity in Magic: the Gathering. Wizards has probably been doing it ever since Lightning Dragon and the introduction of foil cards in Urza’s Legacy. However, in recent sets, Wizards has pushed their experiments with rarity further than ever before. Through the introduction of new foiled chase techniques, Wizards has created some immensely rare foil cards to commemorate a set. Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, for example, featured neon ink sheets, which could only be found in about 1% of all packs. Due to their rarity, these Neon Ink foil cards were exceptionally expensive, making opening Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty packs incredibly exciting. Subsequently, it’s no wonder Wizards of the Coast repeated this foiled experiment in The Brothers’ War. What’s surprising, however, is that the prized new foils were MTG cards from Universes Beyond.

Shattered glass transformers

Similarly to the Neon Ink editions of Hidetsugu, Chaos Devourer, Shattered Glass Transformers in The Brothers’ War foil cards are very rare. Found in “less than 1%” of Collector Boosters, these cards were understandably expected to be expensive. After all, Neon Ink Hidetsugu’s rarest films, Devouring Chaos are still selling for more than $1500. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the more common neon ink foil colors sell for only about $58. In theory, Shattered Glass Transformers foil cards should still be more expensive than the more expensive Neon Ink cards. Because every Shattered Glass film has a roughly 1:1400 chance of being found, is slightly rarer than the 1:1300 chance for a red neon ink Hidetsugu, Chaos Devourer.

Despite the increased rarity for each specific card, many players weren’t convinced that Shattered Glass Transformers foils would be as expensive as expected. Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos may not have been good; however, it was nowhere near as controversial as the Universes Beyond cards are. Even in their own sets, the mechanically unique Universes Beyond cards have been a point of serious contention within the MTG community. Subsequently, it came as no surprise that after Universes Beyond Transformers cards were announced as part of The Brothers’ War, many MTG players were not happy.

After their reveal at Hasbro PulseCon, MTG players took just a few minutes to express their displeasure. Twitter user @Jersey9986, for example, flatly stated that “this is awful, the magic we all once knew and loved is dead. This game has gone down a path of no return.” Thankfully, not all players were so outraged. How Mike Driver noted on Twitter, though not to everyone, “some people in the middle of a Venn Diagram are SUPER happy.”

Breaking all expectations

Despite the misgivings that led to their release, now that Shattered Glass Transformers foil cards have hit the market, many of them are proving themselves expensive. Some of these dubiously coveted cards are even selling for over $2000 on auction houses like eBay. Unfortunately, for initial sellers, even the best Shattered Glass Transformers cards took a day or two to find their value. Optimus Prime, Herofor example, it was first sold for a miserable $299.98 on eBay. While this is by no means cheap, Optimus Prime, Hero would quickly rise in price, being sold $2,599.00 the next day. Even this immense price wasn’t just a one-off, as a handful of listings reportedly sold $2,500+.

Miraculously, Optimus Prime, Hero wasn’t the only iconic Transformers character being sold for an obscene amount of money. Megatron, tyrantfor example, similarly sold for an absolutely ridiculous $2,500 in an eBay listing. Unlike Optimus Prime, Hero’s biggest selling record, Megatron, Tyrant’s prices were all over the place. With prices ranging from $2000 to $940it seems that the players disagree on the value of this Commander card.

Outside of the two most iconic Transformers characters, Shattered Glass foil cards aren’t that expensive. Slicer, Assumed Musclefor example, it is currently the cheapest Shattered Glass sheet around, having been sold for alone $175. Likewise, the not-so-iconic Prowl, stoic strategist sold alone $285 via TCG player. Although of course much cheaper than $2,500, these high prices prove once again that artificially induced rarity works. After all, the non-foil Shattered Glass versions of Slicer, Hired Muscle and Prowl, Stoic Strategist sell for $3.15 And $3.81 on average respectively.

The ups and downs

Since they hit the market with their extraordinary prices, the value of MTG Shattered Glass foil cards has decreased slightly. Currently, on eBay, for example, Optimus Prime, Hero can be purchased for as little as $518.08. This should be a steal considering the $2,500 starting price, however, interest has seriously waned, as even at these reduced prices, the Optimus Prime remains sitting on store shelves. Unfortunately for potential sellers, prices will likely drop further as more and more Collector Boosters are opened.

Judging by the prices for Hidetsugu, Chaos Devourer, it seems that, sadly, prices may never recover. After initially selling for more than $4000, the red Neon Ink Hidetsugu, Devouring Chaos has slowly lost its value. As a card that sees little to no play, this ultimately isn’t too surprising. Thankfully, this may be the saving grace of Universes Beyond Transformers MTG cards, as some are at least playable in Commander.

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