The 6 Best Midwestern Cities to Live in with Just a Social Security Check

Retirement can be as stressful as it is exciting. With a new kind of financial game to get used to, finding a place with a good quality of life for retirees is an essential undertaking to undertake.

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Whether you are looking for a new scenario with new things to do, a friendlier community with older people or an area with a lower cost of living, there is something for everyone. GOBankingRates researched and found the six best Midwestern cities to live in with just a social security check.

6. Des Moines, Iowa

  • Average one bedroom rent: $ 771.00
  • Percentage of the population aged 65 and over: 14%
  • Monthly cost of shopping: $ 395.36
  • Monthly healthcare cost: $ 495.27

If you like city life then you might want to consider Des Moines. As the state capital, the city boasts many things to do, from museums and historic parks to an array of restaurants and bars.

Take our survey: do you think you can retire at the age of 65? Fargo, North Dakota / USA - June 27, 2017: Theater and Street View in summer.

5. Fargo, North Dakota

  • Average one bedroom rent: $ 808.71
  • Percentage of the population aged 65 and over: 12%
  • Monthly cost of shopping: $ 409.77
  • Monthly healthcare cost: $ 368.86

That’s right, the city centered around the famous “Fargo” movie is actually a nice city to retreat to. If you like art and music, you will be happy to know the Fargo Fiber Arts Festival or the Fargo Blues Festival. College football fans might love it in Fargo too – it’s home to North Dakota State University’s stadium and their team, NDSU Bison. CINCINNATI, OHIO - JUNE 18, 2017: Findlay Market is a trendy farmer's market in the historic Rhine neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio.

4. Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Average one bedroom rent: $ 799.57
  • Percentage of the population aged 65 and over: 15%
  • Monthly cost of shopping: $ 401.95
  • Monthly healthcare cost: $ 368.43

Cincinnati boasts its historic architecture. It is a city known for having beautifully designed architecture, such as its Italianate buildings in the city center. Being an old city, you can expect to see other famous architectural designs from the past in it. Some of Cincinnati’s buildings are also historical monuments, such as the Taft Museum of Art, which was owned by William Howard Taft’s half-brother. EAST LANSING, MI-APRIL 7, 2016- Founded in 1855 as Agricultural College of the State of Michigan, Michigan State University (MSU) is a leading public research university located in East Lansing.

3. Lansing, Michigan

  • Average one bedroom rent: $ 795.29
  • Percentage of the population aged 65 and over: 16%
  • Monthly cost of shopping: $ 375.18
  • Monthly healthcare cost: $ 360.66

The capital of Michigan is a pleasant and comfortable place to retreat, especially if you enjoy being outdoors! The Lansing River Trail is a 13-mile stretch of trail that runs along the Grand River and Red Cedar River, and is popular with both hikers and kayakers. If you’d rather enjoy the nightlife, though, you might want to check out The Loft music venue, which regularly hosts a variety of performers to see live.

Aerial view of downtown St.

2. St. Cloud, Minnesota

  • Average one bedroom rent: $ 781.00
  • Percentage of the population aged 65 and over: 15%
  • Monthly cost of shopping: $ 399.48
  • Monthly healthcare cost: $ 336.94

St. Cloud is a city known for its medical facilities. CentraCare healthcare provider was listed in the US News & World “America’s Best Hospitals” report. CentraCare specializes in diabetes and endocrinology, geriatrics and pulmonology, just to name a few. There are many ways to stay active in St. Cloud, from paddle boarding on the Mississippi River to enjoying the trail that runs parallel to it. Big Forks

1. Grand Forks, North Dakota

  • Average one bedroom rent: $ 668.83
  • Percentage of the population aged 65 and over: 14%
  • Monthly cost of shopping: $ 409.36
  • Monthly healthcare cost: $ 415.45

Grand Forks is a city that claims to have something for everyone. Being the third largest city in North Dakota, the urban areas of Grand Forks are bordered by cozy suburbs with a small-town vibe. From the Ralph Engelstad Arena to the 21-mile-long Greenway trail, there’s always something to do in Grand Forks.

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Methodology:GOBankingRates has determined where in the Midwest to live only on Social Security Checks based on the (1) average monthly benefit for retired workers from the Social Security Administration; and ApartmentList data to find (2) the average one-bedroom rent in 2022 in Midwestern cities. GOBankingRates then researched Sperling’s Best to find the cost of living index for each city listed, looking at (3) the grocery and (4) health care index scores. GOBankingRates also used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2020 Consumer Spending Survey to find the amount of annual spending on both groceries (“food at home”) and health care costs for people of equal age. or over 65 in order to find out how much a person aged 65 or over would spend monthly on groceries and health care in each city. GOBankingRates then added the monthly costs of housing, food and healthcare together. For a city to qualify for the study, its (5) population must be at least 10% over the age of 65, according to the US Census Bureau; and (6) have a livability score of 65 or greater from AreaVibes. All data was collected and updated as of 9 September 2022.

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