I am in love with this book on Sony’s original PlayStation

Limited Run Games is a company that has found its niche. In our modern digital world, where many games are only available for download, the company’s limited edition boxed copies offer fans a way to enjoy the tactile and tangible pleasure of having a game they love in physical form. Sometimes, Limited Run gives beloved … Read more

Ubisoft’s great pirate game stuck in developer hell is being delayed again

Image: Ubisoft Ubisoft faces another huge delay. Earlier this year was Avatar: Borders of Pandora. Now is Skull and bonesthe Assassin’s Creed the publisher’s only big autumn hit. Previously slated for release in November, now two sources familiar with the game’s development say Kotaku is been delayed again. Ubisoft confirmed this shortly after publication, announcing … Read more

One of the biggest reasons to play Destiny 2 is now buggy

Image: Bungie / Kotaku There have been a fair number of complaints about this Destiny 2The season of looting, but for the most part I enjoyed it a lot. So it’s a big shame that one of the main reasons to play right now is looking bothered for the second consecutive week. An update that … Read more

River City Girls Zero’s new coat of paint isn’t enough

Images taken moments before the disaster. Image: The WayForward / Arc system works We may have to wait a little earlier we can now now now our way to enter River City Girls 2but thug fans can satiate their hunger by warping time in the reissue of a much older game from the 90s, now … Read more

Destiny 2 Nixes Season 18 Challenge because it took too long

Image: Bungie Destiny 2The season of looting it was surprisingly fun fun through the fantasy of space pirates so far, but it hasn’t been without its problems. The biggest ever materialized this week when a new story mission required players to kill 50 champions before they could progress. Bungie decided to automatically complete the challenge … Read more

Splatoon 3’s terrible online is unforgivable now, Nintendo

Image: Nintendo Be nice to me, I’ve been in purgatory. By that I mean, I played a lot Splatoon 3 multiplayer recently and after unlocking level 10, the ink shooter finally allowed me to enter its wacky ranked modes. Anarchy Battles, as these competitive modes are called, are a good time, if you’re not disconnecting … Read more

Bringing back Yakuza’s Kiryu in Like A Dragon 8 is silly

How many times do you have to say goodbye, old man?Screenshot: Saw Last night, we finally took a look at the next main game of the Yakuza series, Like a dragon 8and the announcement trailer immediately got people to assemble rushing online memes that make fun of the new youthful hairstyle of the series’ longtime … Read more

Shigeru Miyamoto accidentally trolled Nintendo Direct fans

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku Nintendo Direct on Tuesday was a highly publicized affair, with a whopping 40 minutes devoted to the Japanese company’s handheld console and its games. Most people kept their expectations in check, as Nintendo said the event will primarily focus on products coming out during the holiday season. But that still leaves … Read more

There is so much Assassin’s Creed now, it’s hard to keep up

Screenshot: Ubisoft I’m sorry if the first page of Kotaku looks like an ad for Ubisoft right now, but you want to know the wildest thing about it all? That’s not even all that the French company has recently announced to the world Assassin’s Creed during his big Ubisoft Forward event. There was so much … Read more

EA and DICE’s Battlefield game series turns 20

Screenshot: Save Private Ryan On September 10, 2002, publishers Electronic Arts and a relatively unknown development called DICE released a multiplayer shooter called Battlefield 1942. In the 20 years that have passed since everyone involved has been on a journey from hell. The game, which not only included infantry but also allowed players to control … Read more