Wrong Place, Wrong Time: How things got so bad for Twitter CEO so quickly

New York CNN business – When Parag Agrawal took over as Twitter CEO last November following the surprise resignation from co-founder Jack Dorsey, he was little known outside the company. Ten months later, Agrawal appeared prominently in a whistleblower disclosure, was reprimanded by name at a Congressional hearing, and pitched criticism of the richest man … Read more

Micron will bring the microchip implant to upstate New York

NEW YORK (AP) – Micron, one of the world’s largest microchip manufacturers, announced Tuesday that it will open a semiconductor plant in upstate New York, promising a long-term investment of up to $ 100 billion and a plant that could bring in 50,000 jobs to the state. The company was lured to the Syracuse area … Read more

YouTube’s guidelines state that the Mega Man 2 video is too sexy for kids

YouTuber Summoning Salt’s videos on the history of speedrunning are among the most popular in the hobby space and beyond, and now one of them has fallen prey to the notoriously confusing and opaque moderation process of the Google platform. “This video may be inappropriate for some users,” reads a warning before hers new one … Read more

Because Reddit is losing it due to Samsung’s new privacy policy

Photo: Mr. Mikla (Shutterstock) Samsung recently updated it privacy policy for all users with a Samsung accounteffective from 1 October. A Redditor read the policy, he did it Not like what they saw, and shared on r / android, highlighting what they consider the document’s worst policy points. The thread exploded, with Android users widely … Read more

Mastercard delves into crypto push with a tool to prevent fraud

Mastercard credit cards Roberto Machado Noa / LightRocket via Getty Images Mastercard will unveil new software on Tuesday that helps banks identify and block transactions from fraud-prone cryptocurrency exchanges, the company exclusively told CNBC. Called Crypto Secure, the system uses “sophisticated” artificial intelligence algorithms to determine the crime risk associated with cryptocurrency exchanges on the … Read more

This great tech stock looks oversold. Here is your best strategy to buy it now in this volatile market.

Are you hoping for an October killing bear? The month looks poised to start with gains, as the stock market looks poised to shake off some troubling stocks. Tesla shares are plummeting in the pre-market after quarterly sales not good enough and another crisis could prepare for the health of a large European bank. But … Read more

How Deere intends to build a world of fully autonomous agriculture by 2030

Will John Deere become one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence and robotics companies alongside tech giants Tesla and Silicon Valley over the next decade? This notion may seem incongruous with the 185-year-old company’s overall perception as a heavy metal manufacturer of tractors, bulldozers, and lawn mowers painted in distinctive green and yellow colors. But … Read more

These 20 stocks in the S&P 500 plummeted between 20% and 30% in September

Shares fell again on Friday, ending September with huge losses across the board as the rally from June lows to mid-August faded into memory. The S&P 500 SPX Friday fell by 1.5%. The benchmark index tumbled 9.3% in September, leading to a loss of 24.8% in 2022. The Dow Jones DJIA industry average on Friday … Read more

The popularity of spam is on the rise again

New York CNN business – Spam is great. The 85-year-old canned meat block has undergone a cultural reinvention. Hormel (HRL) has been selling a record amount of spam for seven consecutive years, and 2022 is set for another such milestone. The conglomerate behind Skippy and Jennie-O Turkey says it can’t spam fast enough and is … Read more