How to handle a sudden financial windfall

Think of it as a problem we all wish we had. But still consider it a potential problem. After all, to manage your hard-earned cash wisely, you need a plan. The same is true when riches appear seemingly overnight. Sudden wealth can take many forms. A lump sum pension, a sizeable inheritance, legal damages in … Read more

5 ways to find rare investment opportunities in niche markets

Opinions expressed by <em>Business owner</em> the contributors are theirs. </p><div> <p>Although Robert Frost has always refused to discuss his inspiration for writing one of his most famous poems, The Road Not Taken, it is safe to assume that he was probably not thinking about investments, private equity or venture capital funds. If you still look … Read more

The “new normal” in personal finance

Opinions expressed by <em>Business owner</em> the contributors are theirs. </p><div> <p>In past generations, children needed to understand how to balance a checkbook and smooth out a budget. But thanks to modern technology, checkbooks have been replaced by online banking, apps have replaced paper budgets, and the changes don’t stop there. Almost every time, other new … Read more

Because financial literacy is not yet Gen Z’s weak point

Being debt-averse is not enough. Generation Z must understand the big picture of personal finance and investment if they are to thrive. Only 43% of Gen Z have financial literacy, but they can’t wait to change that getty There’s more to smart money management than just trying to avoid debt, and it’s time for Generation … Read more

5 steps to take control of your personal finances

Opinions expressed by <em>Business owner</em> the contributors are theirs. </p><div> <p>When I started my career in financial planning seven years ago, I quickly learned that the people who were financially successful were the ones who spent the time and energy regularly budgeting, managing and planning their finances. In other words, they had the discipline to … Read more