The Hyped VR Game “Noose” sequence initiates an activation notice debate

Screenshot: Stress level zero / Kotaku Context matters. What happens before the events provides insight into how and why they take place as they unfold. But what if the context doesn’t come late? What if there was no warning for the traumatic event you were about to experience in a game? Questions like these, the … Read more

7 gameplay changes to be prepared for

Image: Blizzard Sorry, old man Watch over I can’t come on the phone right now. She’s dead. Today, October 4th at 3:00 PM EST, Overwatch 2 it will come to replace it, and the sun has long ago set in the days of 6v6 and of the free range characters not closed behind a battle … Read more

YouTube’s guidelines state that the Mega Man 2 video is too sexy for kids

YouTuber Summoning Salt’s videos on the history of speedrunning are among the most popular in the hobby space and beyond, and now one of them has fallen prey to the notoriously confusing and opaque moderation process of the Google platform. “This video may be inappropriate for some users,” reads a warning before hers new one … Read more

Half-Life 2’s excellent PC VR Mod is almost too good to be true

Gif: Valve / Source VR Mod Team / Kotaku Starting last week, a long-held dream of playing Valve’s iconic 2004 shooter Half-Life 2 in virtual reality it has finally come to fruition. The journey began nearly 10 years ago when a man named Nathan Andrews managed to put together a working version of the all-time … Read more

Overwatch 2 pre-reviews claim the new grind is a big shame

The grind is crazy.Screenshot: Blizzard Overwatch 2 it’s almost there, coming like a free game on October 4th it will totally replace the OG hero shooter. While not yet playable to the general public, a handful of in-game outlets have had early access to the upcoming Blizzard sequel, releasing the previews just in time for … Read more

Sudden shutdown of Stadia, staff, developers, and Bungie blindly

Photo: Hulton / Stringer / Kotaku archive (Getty Images) Few thought that Google’s troubled streaming service, Stadia, could ever become a dominant player in the gaming industry, but hardly anyone expected it to. it died so abruptly, including company employees. Stadia Vice President Phil Harrison, quickly becoming the grim reaper of new gaming ventures, briefed … Read more

Gamers among us are using lobbies for computer sex now

Filtering through the North American server of Between us, users will come across a variety of oddly titled lobbies. “HornyRPOnly” or “SingleGirl”, also “Hrny Bakugo RP”. Within these lobbies are a multitude of horny gamers, looking for like-minded individuals to cyber with. As a 27-year-old trying to play his favorite guilty pleasure game, but with … Read more

I am in love with this book on Sony’s original PlayStation

Limited Run Games is a company that has found its niche. In our modern digital world, where many games are only available for download, the company’s limited edition boxed copies offer fans a way to enjoy the tactile and tangible pleasure of having a game they love in physical form. Sometimes, Limited Run gives beloved … Read more

Ubisoft’s great pirate game stuck in developer hell is being delayed again

Image: Ubisoft Ubisoft faces another huge delay. Earlier this year was Avatar: Borders of Pandora. Now is Skull and bonesthe Assassin’s Creed the publisher’s only big autumn hit. Previously slated for release in November, now two sources familiar with the game’s development say Kotaku is been delayed again. Ubisoft confirmed this shortly after publication, announcing … Read more

One of the biggest reasons to play Destiny 2 is now buggy

Image: Bungie / Kotaku There have been a fair number of complaints about this Destiny 2The season of looting, but for the most part I enjoyed it a lot. So it’s a big shame that one of the main reasons to play right now is looking bothered for the second consecutive week. An update that … Read more