How the US is exporting inflation to other countries

How the US is exporting inflation to other countries

London CNN business – The Federal Reserve is focused on stemming price increases in the United States. But countries thousands of miles away are teetering from their hardball campaign to strangle inflation as their central banks are forced to raise interest rates faster and higher and a runaway dollar pushes value down. of their currencies. … Read more

Britain’s ’emerging markets’ crisis – POLITICAL

Timothy Ash is an associate member of the Russia and Eurasia program at Chatham House and senior sovereign strategist at Bluebay Asset Management. Just imagine for a minute a country that has been affected by political instability for years. It has seen four prime ministers in just six years and three general elections in the … Read more

Pound to dollar: the collapse of the pound will worsen inflation

London CNN business – The UK government’s decision to implement the biggest tax cuts in 50 years while borrowing tens of billions of dollars to subsidize rising energy costs this winter is a huge bet that has sent shockwaves. on the financial markets. Since Friday, when Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng formally announced the plans, the … Read more

Markets are now treating UK bonds such as Greek and Italian debt

London CNN business – The pound may have stopped its headlong collapse to parity with the US dollar, but the damage to the UK economy from Prime Minister Liz Truss’s huge tax cut bet is still ruining financial markets. The pound stabilized early Tuesday to trade near $ 1.08, rebounding from Monday’s record low of … Read more

Fed rate hikes have made some corporate bonds very attractive. How to profit from it

As stocks fall and interest rates rise, investors are becoming more enthusiastic about corporate bonds than they have been in a generation. A side effect of the Federal Reserve’s tightening policy is that it has pushed interest rates up everywhere, including in the corporate bond market. But as the professionals point out, investors need to … Read more

Take no prisoners: In the Fed’s fight against inflation, no one is spared

New York CNN business – Call it “Don’t Take Prisoners” economics. Concerns about the recession are deepening around the world. Mortgage rates are on the rise and homes have stalled. The Dow is at a two-year low and close to a bear market. Global central banks are raising interest rates with no end in sight … Read more

Fed chairman Powell warned of the coming “pain”. Fixed-income seniors already feel this

CNN – American seniors face many difficult choices. After the Federal Reserve’s latest rate hike, the combination of rising prices of everything from food to gas to utilities and ever-higher borrowing costs is making fixed-income Americans’ finances increasingly precarious. “Overall, they have an increase in daily living expenses due to the economy right now,” said … Read more

Where to get the best return on your cash amid rising interest rates

When the Federal Reserve raised its federal funds target rate by another 0.75 percentage points this month, it opened up some new opportunities for savers to earn better returns on their cash. The Fed’s move aims to combat high inflation, which has caused costs for housing, food and energy to skyrocket. The bad news for … Read more

Forget a soft landing. The market’s best hope is a “growth” recession.

A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business’s Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can subscribe right here. You can listen to an audio version of the newsletter by clicking on the same link. New York CNN business – Investors are realizing the harsh reality of how much pain the economy … Read more