Patagonian billionaire transfers retailer’s ownership to climate change efforts

It is no longer enough to give 1% of profits every year – and push others to do the same – to save a land that Patagonia’s adventurous customers consider their playground. Almost 50 years after its founding in 1973, billionaire Yvon Chouinard and his family will sell all ownership of the private outdoor clothing … Read more

Analysis: Porsche poses a governance dilemma for investors considering the IPO

A Porsche logo can be seen outside a Porsche car dealership, amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Brussels, Belgium, May 28, 2020. REUTERS / Yves Herman Register now for FREE unlimited access to Sign in Leadership structure is a concern for some Others cite a small fraction of the shares offered The IPO may … Read more

ESG is the free market, not political food

Fear of extreme weather conditions and civic unrest has inspired investors of all sizes to buy environmental, social and governance (ESG) stocks. The global The ESG market has grown from $ 19 trillion in 2014 to $ 55 trillion forecast in 2022 due to such incredible demand. Banks have responded appropriately by making it easier … Read more

Seven Trends in Bitcoin Mining and Energy – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion piece by Ruda Pellini, co-founder and president of Arthur Mining. The world is no longer the same: it is constantly evolving. And this transformation is happening faster and faster. In reality, the “new normal” is a continuous transformation and the only certainty is change. The information age has arrived and with … Read more

Analysis: Forget the shower, it’s food or heat for shocked Europeans hit by the energy crisis

The share of household energy expenditure reaches record levels in Europe Rising bills are forcing households to reduce energy consumption The crisis in Europe looks worse than in other developed economies LONDON, Aug 26 (Reuters) – No more ironing, using the limited oven and showering at work: Europeans are trying to contain energy consumption, but … Read more

ESG narrative is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial by Macro Jack, a Bitcoiner with a background in traditional financial services ranging from investment research, investor relations and business development. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is an approach to evaluate companies or countries based on their alignment with these three factors. As ESG has become increasingly popular in recent … Read more

Clean energy or fossil fuels? Wall Street is betting on both

The clean energy sector in the United States has grown so much in the aftermath of the Senate’s approval of a historic climate and energy bill that experts hailed as the largest investment in fighting climate change ever made by the country. Dubbed the Law on the reduction of inflationthe bill allocates 369 billion dollars … Read more

The CRE rejects the growing anti-ESG rhetoric amid calls for transparency of climate risk

The political backlash against environmental, social and governance investments is on the rise amid demands from the Securities and Exchange Commission to enforce climate reporting, with several prominent Republican leaders rejecting what they call a new front on the “wake-up agenda.” A proposal released by the SEC in March would require public companies to report … Read more

Analysis: climate change, scarcity destroy the taboo of degrowth

Fifty years after the advent of the degrowth theory Long shunned, it receives new attention Climate change focuses the debate on reducing consumption Aug 8 (Reuters) – Degrowth – the idea that a limited planet cannot sustain ever-increasing consumption – is the closest you can get to an economic heresy, where growth is widely considered … Read more