Incredible footage shows the interior of the plane at the epicenter of Hurricane Ian from Cat 4

This is the moment when a weather plane passed the eye of one of the strongest storms that hit the mainland of the United States in years on what was a truly terrifying journey. Incredible footage from inside a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) plane showed the brave crew of “hurricane hunters” being tossed … Read more

Pfizer boss tests positive for Covid for second time in MONTH, during drug giant’s booster launch

Pfizer chief Dr. Albert Bourla tested positive for Covid for the second time in a month. The 60-year-old, who was vaccinated four times with his company’s vaccine, last had the virus in mid-August. He revealed on Twitter Saturday he tested positive again but “felt fine and symptom-free”. Dr Bourla said he has not yet had … Read more

Gas prices rise for a fifth day to $ 3,417 per gallon after the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike

The average price per gallon of gas in the US rose for the fifth consecutive day after interest rates set by the Federal Reserve rose to 3.25% amid fears of a global recession. On Sunday, the price of a gallon of gas was valued at $ 3,714 per gallon, the AAA reported. Oil prices have … Read more

What You Should Never Do On A Plane: Flight attendant reveals airline secrets

Travelers were shocked after a flight attendant revealed five things you should never do on a plane. Tommy Cimato, from Arizona, USA, shared a TikTok video that has since received more than 653,000 likes and numerous comments. He said passengers should never wear shorts, lean their heads against the window and drink at least 470ml … Read more

The average cost of heating your home is estimated to rise by $ 177 or 17% to $ 1,202 this winter

< div itemprop=”articleBody”> The average cost of heating homes is expected to rise dramatically this winter as the effects of inflation under Joe Biden are set to dent American’s wallets. According to the National Energy Assistant Directors Association, Americans will have to pay $ 177, about 17 percent, more to heat their homes than last … Read more

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos and CEO Andy Jassy MUST testify for the FTC probe in its Prime service

The founder and CEO of will either be forced to face allegations of scamming customers into signing up for its Prime service, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said Wednesday, or face federal action. The announcement comes as the government watchdog continues to probe claims that Amazon illegally pushed its first subscription program to users … Read more

Fracking in the UK could unlock 4 trillion pounds of gas, reduce energy bills and create jobs, says Matt Ridley

A mile below northern England, in the Bowland shale, there is about a thousand trillion, or 1,000,000,000,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas. Realistically, with today’s technology of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, we could extract about 10 percent of it if we wanted to. At today’s prices, he would earn a whopping 4 trillion pounds. … Read more

What the hell it probably looks like! Southwest is mocked after giving ukuleles to passengers in flight

The world’s first ukulele class at 30,000 feet took place last Friday on a Southwest Airlines flight from Long Beach to Honolulu. Sadly, the class was not warmly received on social media with one user even suggesting that a war crimes trial would be suitable for anyone who approved of the idea of ​​handing out … Read more

The FDA FINALLY admits delays in response to the shortage of infant formula

The Food and Drug Administration has finally acknowledged that its response to the shortage of infant formula in the United States was caused by a number of problems. The agency said this included delays in processing a complaint by a whistleblower about bacterial-contaminated infant formula from the nation’s largest infant formula. One report found that … Read more

Pine Island Glacier is more vulnerable than previously thought and could cause a sea level rise of 1.6 feet

The Pine Island Ice Shelf in Antarctica is more vulnerable than previously thought and could cause a global sea level rise of 1.6 Feet if it were to collapse, study warns The Pine Island Ice Shelf holds enough ice to raise sea level by 1.6 feet It may be more vulnerable to complete disintegration than … Read more