This “one big predictor of future stock market returns” has fallen sharply — and that’s a bullish sign.

CHAPEL HILL, NC – Much of the bull market excesses have been eliminated, according to the “Single Greatest Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns”. And this is good news. I am referring to the indicator, first proposed by the Philosophical Economics blog in 2013, which is based on the portfolio allocation of an average family … Read more

‘He never explained anything’: I am a senior citizen and this year I lost $ 100,000 on the stock market. Can I sue my financial advisor?

I am a senior and have suffered severe losses in the amount of $ 100,000 in the recent stock market turmoil. Can I sue my financial advisor? I understand the dynamics of the market regarding its ups and downs and have already overcome them. However, it has been different with the market in this time … Read more

Opinion: The stock market trend is relentlessly bearish, especially after the big daily dips this week

The stock market fell on September 13 when a monthly government report showed that inflation is rife throughout the economy. It might have been thought that professional traders would have foreseen such a possibility, but the euphoria that led to the announcement had been too much. As a result, “everyone” tried to sell at once … Read more

Another sign of a looming recession? The “financial health” of Americans declined for the first time in five years

Are you late in paying your utilities? Do you have enough to set aside for a rainy day? Less than a third (31%) of Americans are “financially healthy” in 2022, down 3% from a year ago, according to the latest Financial Health Pulse 2022 US Trends Report. More than half (55%) reported being “financially able … Read more

The weekend reads: when will the stock market come back to life?

The stock market is always looking ahead, anticipating any signs of economic change that could lead to a tightening or easing of Federal Reserve policy. The Fed is obviously in restrictive mode in an attempt to reduce inflation. But Jonathan Golub, US chief equity strategist and head of quantitative research at Credit Suisse, waits a … Read more

Opinion: These 3 stock market benchmarks nailed the dot-com bubble in 2000. Here’s what they’re saying now.

In early July, I wrote that, from a long-term perspective of a value investor, the stocks looked cheap. The S&P 500 SPX, + 0.66% it increased by 10% over the next five weeks, before almost returning to where it was in early July. Let’s revisit the question, again from the perspective of a value investor, … Read more

Opinion: Don’t forget that big gains in stocks are usually made during bear markets

VanEck Semiconductors ETF SMH, -0.68% is down by 12%. The Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, -0.56% is down 9% and the S&P 500 SPX, -0.78%, the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -0.88% and the Russell 2000 RUT index, -0.51% they are down by about 5% each. This is a real sell-off, at least in the world … Read more

Opinion: The stock market has in all likelihood entered a new bullish phase, so we recommend that you own these five stocks

It didn’t take long. The collapse of the S&P 500 SPX index, + 0.73% and Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, + 0.96% after their lightning-fast rise from their mid-June lows, many market commentators have asked two key questions: Was it a bear market rally? Will the market retest the lows and go down? My answers: no … Read more

Here’s how Palo Alto Networks compares to its main competitors

Shares of Palo Alto Networks were up 12% on August 23 after the network security firm reported results for its fiscal fourth quarter and said it expects sales growth of at least 25% for the year. tax 2023. Palo Alto PANW CEO Nikesh Arora described the company’s tax guidance as “prudent”. MarketWatch’s Wallace Witkowski summarized … Read more

Opinion: Now that the S&P 500 looks overbought, see what happens to this downtrend line that defines the bear market

The S&P 500 index extended its gains, as we expected after last week’s breakout on the resistance at 4170. The target was the declining 200-day moving average, which is currently at around 4325. The S&P SPX, + 0.23% has “touched” that 200-day MA this week. Furthermore, the downtrend line that defines this bear market (blue … Read more