More investments in climate technology are needed for a sustainable and green future

More investments in climate technology are needed for a sustainable and green future

The first two weeks of September saw parts of India’s startup hub, Bengaluru, submerged in water. Excessive rainfall over a year in La Nina, coupled with urban sprawl built on natural water pools (lakes), led to more low-lying areas that saw several feet of standing water. The increase in urban population across India has led … Read more

The high stakes of climate risk accounting by Gernot Wagner and Tom Brookes

The high stakes of climate risk accounting by Gernot Wagner and Tom Brookes

While companies and investors can make a lot of money if they can navigate the new risk environment properly, no one seems to have a good explanation as to why we are where we are. Climate risks, in particular, have been systematically underestimated, and therefore misjudged, for decades. NEW YORK – Economists should be good … Read more

What progressives misunderstand about tackling climate change

Since the 1960s, fighting for the environment has often meant fighting against multinationals. To curb pollution, activists have worked to counter new oil drilling, coal-fired power plants, natural gas fracking and pipelines. But today, Americans face a climate challenge that cannot be solved simply by saying no again and again. Decarbonising the economy will require … Read more

This economic destruction is man-made

Comment Now it is codified: Europe and the UK are in recession. The United States is too, at least technically, and we’re just waiting for an admission. The Federal Reserve has reduced its economic growth expectations to near zero, but the emerging housing slump is likely to seal the deal – it’s an inflationary recession … Read more

Could a national energy transition authority allay the fears of communities dependent on fossil fuel industries?

The net zero transition will be one of Australia’s biggest energy transformations, and for communities dependent on the fossil fuel industries, there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Trade unions and the Business Council of Australia have joined a growing chorus of voices calling for a national energy transition authority to … Read more

Economic growth is essential. So is resilience.

Policy makers have long sought to promote rapid economic growth. But as we shape our post-pandemic economy, we also need to strengthen our economic resilience both in America and around the world. In recent years, the global economy has become increasingly vulnerable to supply shortages and price shocks. The coronavirus pandemic has led to severe … Read more

A dry stream for the first time in my life … climate change is now

We were there last Thursday, two of us, wearing clean rubber boots, standing in a river, and ag caint Gaeilge a t-am ar fashion. There was a three-person film crew on the river bank and they were recording everything. It’s all part of a film project for a six-part series about the environment and agriculture … Read more

Guterres of the UN says that “the polluter must pay”, is asking for a tax on fossil fuels

Antonio Guterres photographed in New York last September. On Tuesday, he said fossil fuel companies and their “enablers” must be held accountable. Giovanni Minchillo | Swimming pool | Getty Images News | Getty Images The UN secretary general said on Tuesday that developed economies should impose an extra tax on the profits of fossil fuel … Read more

Could war in Ukraine make winter in New England more expensive?

Like much of Europe, New England is transforming its power grid, retiring coal, oil and nuclear power plants, leaving it largely dependent on natural gas to keep the lights on and power its homes. And, like much of Europe, New England may be well on its way to an expensive winter. Despite New England’s goal … Read more

What they are and how to reduce your exposure

The chemicals that waterproof your rain jacket, non-stick pan, and stain-resistant sofa have one thing in common: once they leak into the environment, they never break. This is a quality that Illinois health and environmental authorities are struggling with as they seek to develop standards to ensure chemicals are used safely. There are about 5,000 … Read more