SpaceX just bought a large Twitter ad campaign for Starlink

SpaceX founder Elon Musk during a joint T-Mobile and SpaceX event on August 25, 2022 in Boca Chica Beach, Texas.

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Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX has ordered one of the largest advertising packages available from Twitter, the social media business it just acquired in a $ 44 billion deal and where he now serves as CEO.

The campaign will promote SpaceX-owned and operated satellite Internet service called Starlink on Twitter in Spain and Australia, according to internal social media business logs viewed by CNBC.

The advertising campaign that SpaceX is purchasing to promote Starlink is called the “acquisition” of Twitter. When a company buys one of these packages, it typically spends up to $ 250,000 to put their brand on top of the main Twitter timeline for an entire day, according to a current and former Twitter employee who asked to stay. nameless because they were not allowed to speak on behalf of the company.

Users should see Starlink brand messages for the first three times they open the Twitter app on the day or days of the planned acquisition campaign in Australia and Spain. The campaign, which was purchased last week, was to be launched in the coming days first in Australia and then in Spain.

SpaceX typically hasn’t bought large advertising packages from Twitter, current and former employees said.

Starlink uses a constellation of satellites that broadcast the internet to paying subscribers who also need to obtain terminals from SpaceX to access it. SpaceX developed Starlink with the aim of providing high-speed Internet connectivity to people in places that are poorly served, or not served at all, by cable or fiber optic infrastructure.

Pressure on Twitter ad sales

Advertisers pulled out of Twitter following the Musk acquisition as the government examines the deal

When Musk quickly launched and then quickly suspended a paid subscriber badge on Twitter last week, it further shook advertisers’ confidence in the platform. The badge looked like a previous verification blue tick, but it only cost users $ 7.99 per month. Cheaply acquired blue ticks have been used by pranksters and impostors to pretend to be brands, politicians and celebrities, and to post unflattering and inaccurate messages.

An account created in the likeness of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly caused a serious problem Thursday when it posted a message that “we are thrilled to announce that insulin is free now.” The tweet went viral and remained on Twitter for at least two hours before being removed. The real Eli Lilly account then tweeted: “We apologize to those who have received a misleading message from a fake Lilly account.”

Eli Lilly’s share price dropped dramatically after the fake tweet was posted, although major equity indices were positive at the time, with the S&P 500 having its biggest rally in two years. Musk Tesla-led automaker, SpaceX competitor Lockheed Martin, Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass.), And many others have also been impersonated and sedated on the platform.

This weekend, Musk tweeted: “Twitter brings a huge number of clicks to other websites / apps. The biggest click driver on the internet by far.” The new Twitter CEO was promptly corrected by marketers and former Twitter employees, and a correction note was added to his tweet. He later deleted the tweet.

A former Twitter employee, Claire Díaz-Ortiz, called him, writing: “Lies. I worked @twitter 5 years + has written 2 books on social media marketing. This is false and @twitter He knows. We never sold it to clicks, because it’s much lower on traffic than Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Twitter has other strengths. (And marketing is more than clicks. “

At a company-wide meeting last week, Musk told current Twitter employees that bankruptcy is not out of the question, as the company faces an exodus of advertisers and a broader economic downturn.

Reportedly, Musk says Twitter employee bankruptcy is not ruled out


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