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The global medical gloves market size is estimated to experience massive growth during the forecast period, attributed to several infectious disease outbreaks including Zika, Ebola, and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic. Listed below are 6 factors driving the production and sales of medical gloves worldwide.

  1. The growing incidence of HAI fuels sales of disposable medical gloves in Europe

Disposable medical gloves protect healthcare workers from disease transmission during operations and doctor visits. They help in the prevention of hospital acquired infections (HAI) and surgical site infections (SSI) caused by patient proximity and medical equipment such as catheters or ventilators. A scientific investigation found that bacterial and viral diseases can appear within 48 hours of a patient’s admission and that up to 30% of hospitalized patients are asymptomatically infected.

Since most of these gloves are disposable, they are easier to dispose of and pose less risk of contracting bacteria on the skin. It is estimated that Size of the European market for medical gloves will exceed $6.5 billion by 2028.

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  1. The latex-free feature of vinyl gloves expands the demand in the European market

Made from polyvinyl chloride, the vinyl gloves are soft and comfortable in nature. They are also less expensive than other forms of gloves. As they are latex free, these gloves are ideal for those with latex allergies. Cleanroom glove market sales have increased significantly due to these products and other protective equipment as they can reduce the risk of infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other regional government organizations strongly urge its use to safeguard healthcare personnel from infectious pathogens and hazardous substances.

  1. The Chinese government aims to transform the regional health sector

The Chinese government is working on substantial health care reform programs, which have resulted in an increase in the number of health care facilities, clinics and hospitals across the country. The National Commission on Health and Family Planning, for example, has initiated the “Healthy China 2020” effort to impose stricter infection control measures in the region.

Other factors driving the growth of China’s medical glove market include a rising geriatric population, growing number of healthcare workers, expanded insurance coverage, higher living standards, and stricter infection controls. With major companies aiming to develop their businesses in the nation, China’s exports of cleanroom gloves to western countries are increasing year by year. There are about 250 recognized medical glove manufacturers in China which are contributing to the industrial expansion.

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  1. The production of sterile gloves in APAC increases due to the increase in medical tourism

Sterile medical gloves are likely to see increased production as they protect patients and healthcare workers from contamination, bacterial infections and other pathogens when performing diagnostic tests. The growing number of surgeries across the region, with an increase in medical tourism, will drive Medical gloves market in Asia Pacific predictions for the next few years. A routine change of tools and PPE such as gloves helps avoid surgical site infections. Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are among the top medical tourism destinations in Southeast Asia and represent key markets for sterile glove manufacturers.

  1. Exam questions drive up demand for gloves in North America

With the constant expansion of hospitals and clinics in the region, Size of the North American medical market it is projected to exceed $7.5 billion by 2028. To capture the pool of customers in the region, leading firms have expanded their commercial reach into North America. These gloves protect the skin from blood borne diseases, making them a necessary tool in medical and healthcare settings. According to UNICEF, the need for supplies of PPE has soared since 2020. The production of medical exam gloves has increased significantly during the pandemic period as it is considered a crucial component of PPE.

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  1. Presence of key market players and strong healthcare industry in the US

A well-established healthcare infrastructure coupled with the growing desire for cosmetic surgery are some of the key factors driving the consumption of products in the region. Medical gloves are required by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (NIOSHA) during patient care activities that involve exposure to blood and body fluids that may be contaminated by blood. As more local startups emerge in the US, legacy brands should focus on quality improvement and sustainability issues. Top Glove has recently been recognized by several indexes for its remarkable dedication to sustainable practices.

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