Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and its sleek rotating bezel cost just $149

Smartwatches can be a popular holiday gift, but the best ones can definitely blow many people’s budgets. Thankfully, today you can get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42mm for just $149 from Walmart in black or white, which is a whopping $200 off. This model is the only one left with Samsung’s unique incredibly tactile rotating bezel control, which lets you operate the watch with less reliance on the touchscreen, very useful for gloved hands in the winter months.

While the new Galaxy Watch 5 brought slightly improved battery life and a somewhat useless temperature sensor, the Watch 4 Classic has remained in the lineup and is now seeing quite steep discounts that still make it very attractive. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has all the usual health and fitness tracking you’ve come to expect, and runs Google’s latest Wear OS 3 operating system. Samsung has its own set of app and UI changes, and has been adding new health and accessibility features over time, like tracking your sleep using cute cartoon animals. And again, I must reiterate: that bezel. Read our review.


The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic features a nice physical rotating bezel and more third-party support via Google’s Wear OS 3. But keep in mind that it is best paired with a phone made by Samsung.

Vacations often mean a lot of hospitality and activity around the house, which means a lot of cleaning up before the company arrives and after they leave. A iRobot Roomba j7 Plus it can definitely help make life a little easier by handling most of your vacuuming duties, and it’s on sale for $599 ($300 off) at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.

This robot vacuum maps your home so you can direct it to specific rooms or set no-go zones to make sure it moves away from spots that might block it. And even if you don’t sort out some mess before sending it on a cleaning job, it avoids obstacles on its own and sends you images with its built-in camera that informs you when it had to skip some small spots for the dangerous cat to another toy is hidden under the bed. (Okay, I could speak from personal experience here).

The j7 Plus remains our top recommendation for smart vacuums, in part because its docking station and self-emptying software make for a very simple and manageable experience that’s mostly hassle-free.


The j7 Plus is good at avoiding obstacles, offers good battery life, and includes a self-emptying docking station. Additionally, iRobot will replace the vacuum cleaner for free if it is run over by household waste within the first year of ownership.

If there’s one thing that’s going to get us through the holidays and Black Friday, it’s coffee. How appropriate then that self-heating Ember Mug 2 smart mug It’s on sale. You can get the 10oz version for about $99.95 ($30 off) at Best Buy, Target, or Amazon in black or white, or you can upgrade to the 14oz version for about $119.95 (also $30 off). discount) at Best Buy, Target or Amazon in the same monochromatic colors. Though the best deal might be for those of you with Costco memberships, where you can get the 14oz Ember in Gray for $99.99.

Whichever size is right for you, Ember Mug 2 keeps your drink heated to the temperature of your choosing within a range of 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. These mugs are great if you sit or stand at your desk for long hours and often forget about your drink until it gets cold. Is it a necessity? No. Is it an incredibly useful and fascinating use of technology? Indeed it is! It also makes a great gift, which is why it made it into our home tech holiday gift guide.


Ember Mug 2 is a temperature-controlled smart mug that keeps drinks hot for up to 80 minutes while on battery power or all day when sitting on its plug-in coaster. The accompanying iOS and Android apps let you dial in a specific temperature, anywhere from 120 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Top design is running a Black Friday Advance Sale on its site, leading up to Cyber ​​Monday, offering up to 30% off select bags, smartphone cases and camera accessories. I’ve owned and used a variety of Peak Design items over the years, and their bags are some of my favorites for carrying camera gear, even though their marketing sometimes makes me cringe so badly I want to shoot myself in the sun.

Some highlights of this deal are the Zip 15L everyday backpack in blue or white for $132.96 ($56.99 off). This smaller backpack follows the design of the standard Everyday Backpack (which is currently 10% off), but uses a simple zipper to open from all sides. Plus, its small size helps keep me from cluttering myself with too much heavy gear while still offering room for a laptop, charger, accessories, a mirrorless camera, and a couple of lenses.


The Everyday Zip Backpack is a compact, multi-purpose camera and commuter bag that uses an all-around zip to open like a capsule, allowing for side or top access. It has flexible dividers for mounting mirrorless camera systems, internal side pockets for small items, and a back pocket for a 13-inch laptop and small tablet.


The structure of this bag and the way gear fits into its three shelves and side-access pocket walls offer versatility to those who carry a lot of camera and adjacent tech gear.

In addition to the rather elegant bags, Peak Design also makes some nice cases for iPhones and Pixel phones which normally start at $39.95. These cases have their own built-in magnetic accessory system, which means you can add pseudo-MagSafe magnetic wireless charging to your Pixel 6 or Pixel 7. Pixel phone cases and previous generation iPhone cases are 30% off .


Peak Design’s phone cases for iPhones and Pixel phones have a fabric back with protective rubber sides. They use built-in magnets for optional accessories like a tripod or bike mount, which also adds MagSafe-like charging to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7.

  • Now Latest generation Apple TV 4K it’s on sale on Amazon for $79.99 (about $99 off). The new one may have more CPU power and HDR10 Plus support, but last year’s base model still has an Ethernet port. Read our review.
  • The Logitech G435 Lightspeed gaming headset in blue and red, it’s $29.99 ($50 off) at Walmart. This headset for PC, PS4, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch is one of the best all-around cross-platform wireless options, and this one is as cheap as it gets. Read our buying guide.
  • The Microsoft standard The Xbox Wireless Controller costs around $39.99 ($20 off) in select colors at Amazon, Best Buy and Target. Works on all current Xbox consoles or on PC via wired USB-C or Bluetooth wireless connections.
  • 48-inch A2 OLED TV from LG it’s $569.99 ($730 off) at Best Buy. This 4K TV is cheap for an OLED, though its biggest compromise is just maxing out at a 60Hz refresh.

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