Sam Bankman-Fried broke the crypto bank for Dems

Amid all the cheer and gloom from Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and friends over the Democrats’ better-than-expected mid-term performance, comes a disturbing story that may explain something about how they won such a curious election.

Biden’s second largest donor, billionaire cryptocurrency prodigy Sam Bankman-Fried, aka SBF, saw his business file for bankruptcy just days after the election, but not before pumping $ 40 million into the Democratic Party to spend on. “exclude voting” and other obscure mechanisms for collecting ballot papers for interim deadlines.

The chaotic 30-year-old wizard boy, who was once said to be worth $ 16 billion, had spent $ 10 million to help Biden get elected in 2020.

SBF’s mother, Stanford Law Professor Barbara Fried, is also co-founder of the left-wing political action committee Mind The Gap, which raised about $ 140 million to help Democrats win elections through the same scam. “exclude the vote”. .

A more unlikely billionaire you couldn’t find – and obviously his money was built on nothing. A math genius with poor social skills, SBF reportedly lived in a “polycule” – a polyamorous relationship with multiple people – in a luxury penthouse with about 10 colleagues in the Bahamas tax haven, where his cryptocurrency exchange was based. collapsed FTX.

Otherwise, he slept on bean bags in his office, ate vegan chips, and, according to his own Twitter feed, drank amphetamines and sleeping pills to regulate his chaotic sleep habits.

Now Reuters is reporting that between $ 1 billion and $ 2 billion of client funds have vanished from FTX, conveniently after the Democrats safely spent its money.

Eventually, SBF and its mysterious co-founder, Gary Wang, were kept “under supervision” by Bahamian authorities after planning to flee to Dubai, according to fintech publication Cointelegraph.

Sam Bankman-Fried donated $ 40 million to the Democratic Party to spend on “voting out” efforts.
AFP via Getty Images
Reuters reports that between $ 1 billion and $ 2 billion of client funds have vanished from FTX.
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It is an incredible fall to earth. Financial media and big investors hailed the young billionaire as a saint who shunned earthly pleasures like Lamborghini and Rolex, but lived only to give away all his money and make the world a better place.

He was the most famous millennial adherent of a cult known as “Effective Altruism,” which originated at Oxford University, found fertile ground in Silicon Valley – and has now gone up in flames with him.

EA is a disguised form of socialism, because all the “good” that is done coincides perfectly with the obsessions of the left, whether it is climate change, social justice, fairness, a ban on meat or its “pandemic preparation” favorite.

In an online video from Nas Daily, a clumsy Bankman-Fried was described this year as a model of altruism for young people: “Sam is not a traditional billionaire because he believes in the concept of ‘earning to give’ … Next decade will probably give away more than 10 million dollars … He wants to get rich to make an impact on the world and change it. ”

Samuel Bankman-Fried saw his business, FTX, go bankrupt just days after the election.
Samuel Bankman-Fried saw his business, FTX, go bankrupt just days after the election.
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The SBF has certainly “influenced” the intermediate terms, channeling its millions into the Democratic National Committee and pro-Democratic PACs such as Protect Our Future and Guarding Against Pandemics.

He donated to committees aligned with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to help Democrats win races.

He lavished his generosity on “pro-crypto Democrats” like New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who was sponsoring a bill to prevent the Securities and Exchange Commission from regulating the cryptocurrency market.

Sam Bankman-Fried donated to committees aligned with Chuck Schumer to help Democrats win races.
Sam Bankman-Fried donated to committees aligned with Chuck Schumer to help Democrats win races.
Getty Images for Us, The 45 Mill

According to the Washington Free Beacon, he also visited the White House, meeting with Biden adviser Steve Ricchetti on April 22 and May 12.

No wonder the Biden administration has been weak in regulating the cryptocurrency market. It was the goose that laid the golden egg.

Meanwhile, the media massaged her profile.

The owner of FTX claimed it was worth $ 16 billion before spending $ 10 million to help Joe Biden elect in 2020.
The owner of FTX is said to be worth $ 16 billion before spending $ 10 million to help Biden get elected in 2020.
AFP via Getty Images

Both Forbes and Fortune had it on the cover. “The next Warren Buffett?” he asked for luck.
It doesn’t matter that the current Warren Buffett has consistently snatched SBF’s product, the cryptocurrency, as worthless.

“It attracts a lot of charlatans,” Buffett said, “where people who have less than stellar character see an opportunity to cut out people who are trying to get rich because their neighbor is getting rich by buying this stuff none of the two of them understand. It will end badly. ”

But what would he know.

SBF has appeared with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair at the international top of cryptocurrencies and with Tom Brady in flamboyant TV commercials and social media videos.

Larry David made a big Super Bowl announcement for FTX, all designed to trick unsuspecting Americans into losing their shirts on what was simply a Ponzi scheme.

“I’m in. And you?” celebrities said.

Another “altruistic” feat of SBF was the return of FTX to a cryptocurrency donation website launched by the Ukrainian government. He didn’t wake up because he didn’t hit.

The sinister neo-socialists at the World Economic Forum (WEF) loved SBF so much, they made FTX a “business partner” – but that page on the WEF website has disappeared in the past 48 hours, leaving an error message.

Venture capital firm Sequoia has been a big supporter, investing over $ 200 million in SBF, many of which it later reinvested in Sequoia, whose chairman and managing partner Michael Moritz is a major donor to the Dems and anti-hate group. Trump the Lincoln Project, and is reportedly a neighbor of Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco.

Six weeks ago, Sequoia hired a freelance writer, Adam Fisher, to write a piece on SBF, describing it as a “future billionaire… I don’t know how I know, I just know. SBF is a winner … I couldn’t shake the feeling that this guy is actually as selfless as he claims he is.

The article, which was replaced on Sequoia’s website over the weekend with a grim note to investors, describes how SBF thrilled Seqouia’s partners to give him $ 1 billion during a Zoom meeting during which he played the video game. online multiplayer League of Legends.

“I LOVE THIS FOUNDER,” one partner typed.

“I’m a 10 out of 10,” rang another.

“YES!!!” exclaimed a third.

Fisher visited Bankman-Fried in the Bahamas, describing a man who doesn’t make eye contact, plays video games all day, and is constantly connected to his computer with a headset. All his meetings are from Zoom, with people in the same room.

The author concludes that the founder of FTX is “neurodiverse”, but not “spectrum or Asperger”. SBF says he has “some ADD” and has never read a book, as the information should be in “a six paragraph blog post”.

The article describes Bankman-Fried’s recruitment into the EA sect when he was a young man at MIT as a “nerd”, which is “the practice of attracting brainpower by presenting problems as puzzles.”

In other words, SBF’s analytical IQ and social ineptitude made him a prime recruit to the cause of capitalism’s hijacking to divert money to leftist causes.

Like Greta Thunberg, the teenage eco-evangelist, SBF has been manipulated to serve a useful purpose.

In his case, it was money made out of thin air arriving in the Democratic coffers at exactly the right time.

The least the Democratic Party should do is pay back the $ 40 million to people who have been robbed by their crypto benefactor.


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