Opinion: These small cap stocks will lead the market if the rally has legs

If the stock market’s FOMO is starting to bother you, but you’re reluctant to buy stock, here’s a solution: go small. Small businesses are still super cheap. These aren’t companies whose CEOs catch the headlines when they talk. You may not have even heard of most of them. But when you buy their stock, you … Read more

Apple does not expect a drop in demand for the iPhone, it is asking suppliers to make 90 million units iPhone 14

According to reports, Apple is not expecting a drop in iPhone sales in 2022 due to a general slowdown in the smartphone market Bloomberg. The Cupertino-based company expects continued strong demand for ‌iPhone‌ and has asked suppliers to make 90 million models of the iPhone 14, which is on par with the production of the … Read more

It’s a Tom Jones rally, but it could be overbought, analysts say

The latest action on stocks could be a concern for the bulls. The initial surge in the S&P 500 on Thursday to new three-month highs faded as the session progressed. The “rise in peak inflation” has faded. Futures early Friday are firmer again, but inevitably there are some observers still wary of the recent rebound. … Read more

European agriculture has been hit hard by climate change and drought

BARCELONA – With Europe suffering from an extreme drought exacerbated by climate change that has dried up rivers and left millions of people suffocating in triple-digit heat this summer, farmers across the continent are issuing warnings about losses of harvest. “Our vines are suffering,” said winemaker Xavier Collart Dutilleul, who, with his wife Pascale, manages … Read more