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Heroes of Arkesia,

The July Spells in Spades update released a huge amount of content in Arkesia last week, featuring the Arcanist Advanced Class, Valtan Inferno Raid, Maharaka Summer Festival, Challenge Abyssal Raid, new progression events, and more! Be sure to check out the full list in the release notes if you haven’t ventured into Arkesia yet to experience it firsthand.

Despite the flurry of new content, we know players are thrilled to know what’s coming to Arkesia in the remaining summer months. In August and September, things will work out a little differently. Instead of having a single major update for each month, we will break down the changes, updates, and new content into three updates: a smaller content update in August, a quality of life and backend technology update at the start of September, and a final major content update towards the end of September.

The content and updates found below are some of the highlights that we know players are looking forward to, and similar to previous roadmaps, it’s not a complete list of everything released in these updates. Stay tuned to our website, social channels and release notes for the full list of new content, store updates, events, bug fixes, and more.


Pet ranch

Pet Ranch is the perfect place to play, grow and earn rewards with your pet. Complete the ‘Yay, Pet Ranch!’ quest after unlocking the farm, the cave and having a pet. Cheer up your pet’s morale, manage pet functions and earn Jelly Cookies which can be exchanged for valuable rewards!

Maharaka Festival – Mokoko in Bloom

The ongoing Maharaka festival will receive new activities in the August update – The leaves of the Maharaka tree in the Maharaka’s paradise are known to bring good luck. Collect as many as possible during the Maharaka Festival and trade them for mounts, animal skins and more!

September – Part 1

As mentioned above, September will have two key updates. The first update in September will include some major backend technical updates that will pave the way for the second update in September. We also thought it would be a good time to integrate some of the recent quality of life improvements recently added to the South Korea region. We will have the full list of changes detailed in the update release notes, but some of the key features of the QoL players can expect to include include:

  • Social updates

    • Global Chat Room (announced in Korea as LoaTalk), chat improvements and guild group chat.

    • Improved server interaction, including interacting with people from different servers in Strongholds and the ability to add friends from different servers.

  • Personalization

    • 2 new hairstyles for each starting class.

  • Fight

    • Trixion Training Grounds updates to become a better practice environment for testing many different combinations (skill runes / gems / engravings / cards) of settings with more skill points.

    • A PvP class balance patch.

  • Settings improvements

    • Better PvP settings, improved guild systems, and improved controller support and settings.

September – Part 2

The second update in September will be the main content update, including a new Advanced Class, Legion Raid and events. This update will also include some server merges. We will continue to monitor which worlds may be using a merge and provide full details on which servers are joining and how the merge works prior to the upgrade.

New Advanced Class – Machinist

The Machinist arrives in Arkesia armed to the teeth with high-tech machine guns, laser weapons and drones found in Arthentine, ready to detonate, burn and neutralize any threat with surgical precision. When standard weapons and drone attacks aren’t enough to take down a target, the Machinist can activate their identity ability and adapt to cutting-edge technology with the Hypersync ability. The energy cores for the high-tech Hypersync suit can be charged by landing attacks, and once entered, the energy of the Hypersync core will be expended by the skills until the Machinist runs out. The Machinist will join Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist and Sharpshooter as the fifth Gunner Advanced Class.

Raid by the Kakul-Saydon Legion

Kakul-Saydon enters the battlefield in the third Legion Raid. In this raid you will face the madness of the Midnight Circus as you fight against the members of the Mayhem Legion and the commander of the Kakul-Saydon legion. There are no mid-battle revives available, so be prepared to fight for your life. Unlike Valtan and Vykas, Kakul-Saydon is a four-player Legion raid. This Legion Raid has 3 gates and comes complete with a host of new unique features, abilities and mechanics. While players will need to be object level 1475 to attempt the Normal difficulty of the raid, a simpler version of the raid called Midnight Circus: Rehearsal can be entered by object level 1385 players to practice the difficult mechanics and teamwork required for defeat the Legion of Chaos.

New events, new skins and more!

There will be new events, new skins and more in September. We are thrilled to witness the epic battles against Kakul-Saydon and the Machinist’s high-tech battlefield prowess in action. Stay tuned to our website, social channels and release notes for the full list of new islands, store updates, events, bug fixes, and more in the coming months. See you in Arkesia!


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