Is this Paul Stephens Porsche 911 the best 993 restomod ever?


The 993R proves that Porsche restomods don’t have to start with 964

Have you ever noticed how there are questions about the average car and then there are … well, distinctly Not questions about the average car? Basically, we’re talking about the difference between “How cool does that C63 AMG sound?” and “How can I replicate the AMG Power Pack for the Cosworth 2.3-16?”.

Because this Paul Stephens Autoart 993R made us wonder two things: one, the Porsche 993s are the new Porsche 964s and two, how much car nerd question was that to ask? Then again, how much of a car nerd was the Autoart customer who asked for a 993 with “a 25 percent improvement in every area,” and how many areas do you think a car nerd of that size would consider an exhaustive list?

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Luckily, Autoart isn’t exactly new to this game, so this somewhat vague yet hyper-specific brief has been translated into what you see here: a tight-bodied 993 Carrera 2 with a whole bunch of weight stripped down, a curated list. of the best-level parts and a finished product that nails that almost inimitable Porsche thing: slim design with completely unmistakable performance.

As little of the story as the raw figures ever tell, with the 993R, you can at least get a feel for the narrative: Wet weight dropped from 1,370kg to 1,220kg, power increased from 272hp to 330 or 360 to yours. choice and weight / power ratio varies from “about 996 GT3” to “about 997 GT3”. And it looks abundant.

Keeping it out of the Welsh countryside (because you only know its new home away from home is Snowdonia) is the electrically controlled five-way adjustable suspension, a Wavetrac limited slip differential, and the exquisite 993 RS’s brakes.

And that really exemplifies the choices made for the 993R – you get the feeling that Paul and his team have taken their time, choosing the absolute best from the long history of the 911, its huge aftermarket scene and Autoart itself, which is approaching 30 years of activity.

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So the wheels are from a 996 GT3, the lightweight glass and hood are from Porsche Motorsport, but the bonnet is custom composite work from Autoart. Mechanically, the standard 3.6-liter 993 engine features 993 RSR pistons, a 997 GT3 crankshaft and Porsche Motorsport lifters, before heading back into the aftermarket for Pauter connecting rods and custom Paul Stephens design cams.

And it is precisely that attention to detail that makes the finished product something mathematically impossible. The customer may have been asking for a car that is 25% better in every way, but even after achieving it mathematically, the 993R looks much more than a 25% improvement over a regular 993. Call it synergy, the ten-tenths rule. or just a little bit of automotive magic, the thing is, it’s just the kind of thing you can get by asking plainly Not average demand.

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