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NEW YORK, NY, September 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Decanect, a decentralized platform to educate and connect cryptocurrency enthusiasts, launched on September 12 with a fully KYC-controlled team. The platform offers a playful and rewarding educational experience.

As part of its mission to become the standard of crypto education for students and educators of all levels, Decanect is removing major barriers for newcomers to the crypto space to make it more accessible to create communities where people can connect. , learn and evolve together.

Speaking about the need for Decanect, the project said: “It’s common for people not to have a basic understanding of both why cryptocurrencies are so influential and how they can contribute to wider impact and utility beyond trading. of assets. Blockchain technology cannot solve all problems. We are still in the early days of the user experience. “

Decanect solves this problem by providing users with courses, lessons and quizzes covering topics from creating the web3 portfolio to distributing contracts and even coding a dApp. After completing each lesson, the courses will also include in-depth videos on topics and quizzes.

In addition to educating users, Decanect offers a platform to connect and evolve a blockchain community of beginners and experts. Using this platform, users can communicate with each other, connect with people who share similar interests, share and discuss ideas and many other blockchain topics.

The platform’s answer to how it will go a step further is to make knowledge practical with Decanect Experience and allow members to experience specific blockchain products and services firsthand. As part of its usefulness, Decanect includes a segment that helps its members develop, deploy and access various decentralized apps. In addition, the live courses offered by Decanect on Metaverse also allow members to interact and learn together in a whole new world.

Users can earn various types of points with Decanect. First, there are Deca Points, worth $ 0.01c each, and they can be converted into cryptocurrencies with a limit of 5000 Deca ($ 50). Decanect also offers knot points, which are not expendable. Finally, the Kudo points will be followed by NFT points, with each Kudo point worth $ 1, allowing users to convert them into cryptocurrency.

Tokenomics and distribution

In terms of tokenomics, Decanect has a total supply of 10 million tokens, further broken down into the following ways:

Total supply: $ 10,000,000 DCNT

  • Total presale $ 3,994,149 DCNT (39.94%)
  • Circulation $ 1,000,000 DCNT (10%)
  • Tokens burned (unsold presale tokens) $ 3,805,851 DCNT (38.06%)
  • Marketing Portfolio (Rewards, Repurchases, Exchanges) $ 1,200,000 DCNT (12%)


Decanect Coin has a 12% fee on every Buy and Sell transaction, which is further broken down into:

  • Marketing tax: 5% – to be used for marketing purposes
  • Tax on premiums: 3% – to be used to distribute to Decanect members for point conversions
  • Team fees: 2% – compensation to be paid to the team and ambassadors
  • Liquidity tax: 2% – goes to the Decanect Coin liquidity pool

Contract address: 0x4ce4c025692b3142dbde1cd432ef55b9a8d18701

Liquidity blocked: Cash was frozen for 12 months

After the end of phase 2 of the presale on September 10, the coin was launched on September 12.

Additionally, potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in learning more about Decanect Coin or joining the educational platform can visit the project’s official website or read the whitepaper.

About Decanect

Decanect is a platform for gamified and rewarding learning experiences to set the bar for crypto education for students and teachers in all fields. The platform also continues to build and deliver world-class blockchain material and support with the ability and functionality to obtain free information from the most credible sources.

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. Due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) is recommended before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrencies.


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