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Like the previous God of War, Ragnarok will have you upgrade your main weapons over the course of your Kratos adventure. Not only will this allow you to inflict more damage on your opponents, it will also be instrumental in increasing your overall power level. This page contains information on all the ways you can upgrade Leviathan’s ax in God of War Ragnarok.


Ax upgrade

Even if you gain experience from combat encounters and missions, experience doesn’t measure Kratos’ overall level, rather, it’s a type of currency used only to unlock skills in your skill tree, as well as to upgrade skills like your runic attacks and Spartan anger. Instead, upgrading both weapons and main gear (such as armor and weapon accessories) will measure your overall power level (seen in the top left corner when in the menu).

Leviathan’s Ax restarts at level 1 when you start your adventure for the first time and is also tied to unlocking additional skills in the Leviathan’s Ax skill tree, up to the level 6 update.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
+10 STR +25 STR +40 STR +55 STR +70 STR +85 STR +100 STR +115 STR +130 STR

To upgrade the Leviathan’s Ax, you will need to find unique resources: a Frozen Flame or by finding 6 Frozen Sparks (which will automatically become an Frozen Flame).

Where to find the frozen flame

Fortunately, many of the Frozen Flames can be found as you progress through the story, allowing Kratos to naturally increase his power level over the course of the game even if you don’t explore off-the-beaten-track paths. However, those looking to maximize their power will want to take on optional challenges, which you can see from the list below:


The very first update you can get for the ax is part of the story, and it’s one of the first. During the Surviving Fimbulwinter mission, you will return to a Jotnar shrine in the Upper Wildwoods, only to be ambushed by a confrontation with a mini-boss. Defeat this Stalker and the resource will be yours.

The next update you can find is story-based too, but you won’t get it until you reach Alfheim. During the main story of Groa’s Secret, you will be attacked by a Light Elf Commander named Alva as you attempt to leave Alfheim’s Temple of Light. Defeat this fearsome enemy and you will get another Frozen Flame. Make sure you see our strategy for defeating Alva in case of a problem.


This update will be found much later in the story, during Chapter 6 – The Showdown, during your first visit to the kingdom of Vanaheim. Once you have reached your main objective in the far north of the abandoned village, you will have to face the ferocious snake known as Nidhogg. Defeat him and you will earn a Frozen Flame for your troubles and be sure to consult the guide if you run into any trouble!

Another must-see update is found in a later Chapter 12 – Reunion, as you will travel through the kingdom of Helheim only to have a Hel-Traveler Miniboss that will block your path to the goal. These extremely armored brutes must be handled with care, as they can shake off most attacks and fight with almost unstoppable blows of their sword. Lower his armor and then drive your weapons home to take back an Frozen Flame.

More Frozen Flame locations are coming soon!

Unlike the main update, a Spark Frozen alone will not update your ax. Think of it instead as a piece of heart – you will need enough fragments to form a complete resource to use – six, to be exact. Fortunately, you can find them all by undertaking a specific Side Quest Labor that will appear later in the story.


Unlike tracking down The Hateful for individual Chaos Sparks which are optional encounters across all realms, the first two Frozen Sparks can’t be lost, as they’re tied to the main story until you unlock the Favor side quest to track down the rest.

The first ever is unlocked at the end of Chapter 11 – Unleashing Hel and in Chapter 12 – Reunion when you get to Sindri’s house to find all of Hel going wild. After defeating waves and waves of Hel-Walkers, Atreus will close the first gate and you can check the remains of the collapsed gate to find loot that includes your first frozen spark.

Like the first Frozen Spark, you’ll need to get rid of this Hel Tear as part of the main story before the Side Quest gets close to the rest of them. You’ll find it at the start of Chapter 12 – Reunion in The Gleaming Bale as you leave the first Helgrind region behind and approach a series of great bridges. As before, you’ll need to keep the Hel Walker waves of level 4 and 5 focused on you and away from Atreus before he can bring down the gate to get your Frozen Spark prize. This will initiate the Hel to Pay side mission favor to track down the rest after leaving Helheim behind.

More information soon!

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