How to buy stocks with peso and earn dollars

These instruments have tripled their operation due to their ease of use and the ability to protect their savings on cash value with liquidation

Mercado Libre presents its quarterly financial statementsOutperforming market expectations, Wall Street exploded: Unicorn shares were up 16% on Thursday. ,melee effect, He also promoted the roles of two other Argentine unicorns. Listed in the Big Apple:

  • Globent appreciates 2.4% of USD 224
  • Despegar was up 2% to trade at $ 7.8

Thank you for the Argentine Certificate of Deposit (CEDEAR)representing the securities of listed companies on Wall Street, It is possible to invest with Peso and online Not only to win with growth, but also to protect savings from local risk.

it is so CEDEARs are one of the big stars of the city: operations increased by 200% last yearMainly for the ease of obtaining these devices.

What are the benefits of cedar?

Maximiliano Bagilet, financial advisor of TSA Bursatil, points out iform what cedar leave Buy the equivalent of many of the major stock indiceslike NASDAQ or S&P and get a relative Defend yourself from a rise in the US bill,

In this regard, Alejandro Bianchi, founder of Investment Advisory Consulting, highlighted that Argentine certificates of deposit could be Purchased with both pesos and dollars,

,As all these shares are listed overseasR, its value, by an arbitrage principle, follows its main market price in dollars, exists between the two quotes. implied exchange rateWhich is that counts with liquidation (CCL) ”, Subraya Bianchi.

CEDEARs allows you to win with cash with stock growth and with cash
CEDEARs allows you to win with cash with stock growth and with cash

Maximiliano Donzzelli, Head of Research at IOL (InversiónOnline) also pointed out. iform that “the good thing is that you It allows you to invest without having a US account,

,Less amount required to purchase CEDEAR a. make it possible diversified portfolioWhich makes it easier to optimize the risk-reward ratio, ”he adds.

Regarding its profitability, Bianchi explains it Investors have three ways to make money,

  • ,The first is due to the increase in the exchange rateIf it goes from $ 288 to $ 300, the stock will go up in pesos. THERE ISequal to the ground (‘if the balance remains the same’), in dollars it will remain unchanged “
  • ,The second is if the US stock goes up. In this case, equity measured in dollars will increase. “
  • The third is for the dividend payment“For instance, Coca-Cola (KO) gives 2.79% per annum. So anyone who puts in $ 10,000 will get $ 279 per year for this concept. “

Cedar: What and how can you invest?

Gift Several Argentine platforms that support CEDEAR. allow access to a wide range of: You just have to transfer pesos from your bank account to buy them. In case of profit taking, it is also possible to exchange them with the local currency. The exchange rate is always spot with settlement (CCL),

Applications that offer this service and those authorized by the National Securities Commission, are specific:

  • invest online
  • Ulintek
  • Rising market
  • TSA Bursatilù
  • rabbit
  • Cocos capital

most squalid offer Availability can be divided into:

  • Argentine Unicorn: Mercado Libre, Globant, Despegar, Satellogic and Biftarms
  • Large local companies: Tenaris, Telecom, Banco Galizia, etc.
  • socket: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google
  • Other great technologies: Uber, Airbnb, Coinbase, Microstrategy, Tesla and Microsoft
  • American “classic” giants: Ford, Coca-Cola, General Motors, United Airlines, Exxon, Walmart
  • Index: S&P, Dow Jones (industrial), Invesco (technology), EEM (emerging), ARKK (cryptocurrency)

Pablo Juanes Roig, co-founder and CEO of Banja, points out iform than these tools Significant increase in trading volume,

  • 320% between 2020 and 2021
  • 230% last year

Experts say so “Most selected cards” belong to banja users Apple, Mercado Libre, Tesla, Coca-Cola, Amazon and Nvidia,

Also, At the beginning of the year, the CEDEAR of several ETFs was launched ,exchange traded funds), this is, Funds that follow or mimic the development of an indexSectors or groups of companies and their double attractiveness are:

  • allow diversificationnot be bound by the risk posed by an individual action
  • They are exposed to a wide range of liquid assetssuch as indices, commodities, sectors of the economy or emerging markets

Bull market experts suggest adding Cedar Anti-cyclical for the collapse of the field: “For example, adding a The banks, because if the rate rises they benefit, while it affects the technological newspapers due to the difficulty in finding financing ”.

CEDEARs allows you to win with cash with stock growth and with cash
CEDEARs allows you to win with cash with stock growth and with cash

Documents from his colleague from TSA Bursátil add PETROBRAS (PBR), VALE (VALE), BIOCERES (BIOX) and SHELL (SHEL)in addition to the following Barrick (Gold) and Coca-Cola (KO)“In addition, to build the portfolio, we closely monitor the current price of commodities, energy, mass consumption and some agricultural commodities,” says Bagillet.

Finally, for investors considering maintaining an aggressive profile, IOL suggests keeping in mind the “challenging landscape in which” American financial market“you I tried to imitate a publicly traded fund.

“between Cedar which are required to replicate it in the local market, an investor must have PepsiCo (PEP), Disney (DISN), Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB) and UnitedHealth (UNH)“, Indicate.

Is it a good time to invest in BigTech?

Shares of major technology companies offer returns that are anything but exceptional recorded during the first two years of the pandemic, a situation that could lead to many savers Dilemma of whether it is a good time To add to your investment portfolio.

Bagilet and Donzelli offer Be careful Given the current volatility scenario, as they still expect an extra low in the field of innovation.

“If the goal is to start building Long-term portfolios include low percentages, which is convenient favoring company actions with Solid fundamental and they have enough life manage events market is understood short-term financing“, Subraya Donzelie.

Bianchi adds that “the tightening of the Fed’s monetary policy translates into great deleveraging”. That is to say, actors no longer take credit for proceeding with investment projects.

In his opinion, For an aggressive profile saver, there are good opportunities“We are in one kaj momentWhere cryptocurrencies and blockchains will make a big difference in the digital economy. So to speak, during this market correction, It may be possible to buy the next Google of Web3 at discounted prices“, Comprehend.

Therefore, Argentina is betting on CEDEARs because they allow them to invest in pesos and keep their investments at the CCL value, protecting themselves from two problems that keep them awake: Inflation and devaluation of the peso,

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