Exploring the huge amount of clean energy from burning trees as carbon neutral – Mish Talk

The EPA has declared that the burning of wood is zero emissions

In 2018, the EPA declared that wood burning is carbon neutral.

Yesterday [April 23, 2018], the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it would start considering burning “forest biomass”, also known as wood, as carbon neutral. The change will classify the burning of wood pellets as renewable energy similar to solar or wind energy.

[But] Even if one tree is planted for every tree converted to fuel pellets, trees that have grown back on plantations do not store the same carbon as natural forests. A recent study suggests that it would take 40 to 100 years for a managed forest to capture the same amount of carbon as a natural forest. And since most plantation forests are harvested at 20-year intervals, they will never reach the carbon neutral point.

“Unless forest regrowth is guaranteed at carbon parity, producing wood pellets for fuel will likely result in more CO2 in the atmosphere and fewer species than today,” writes William. Schlesinger, president emeritus of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies for Science.


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