Chase Sapphire Reserve adds Lyft Pink All Access

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Link: Request the Chase Sapphire Reserve® now

Chase and Lyft just expanded their partnership, and that’s exciting news for those who own the Chase Sapphire Reserve® (review).

Chase Sapphire Reserve offers Lyft Pink All Access Membership

When Chase and Lyft first introduced their partnership a couple years ago, they included a Lyft Pink membership for premium cardholders. Well this is coming back.

As of November 15, 2022, those with the the Chase Sapphire Reserve has the option of receiving a free Lyft Pink All Access membership, which costs $199 per year and is Lyft’s most premium membership option.

This is offered for free for two years, and in the third year you can receive a 50% discount on the cost of the subscription (it renews automatically, so if you’re not interested, make sure you cancel your subscription before that). You must activate your membership by December 31, 2024.

This adds to the existing partnership between Chase and Lyft. Through March 2025, those with the Chase Sapphire Reserve earn 10 Ultimate Rewards points on Lyft spending. I price Chase Points at 1.7 cents each, so to me that alone is a 17% return on Lyft spend, which is huge.

Also note that you can earn points for your Lyft purchases with Alaska Mileage Plan or Hilton Honors, adding even more value with this spend.

How to activate your two-year Lyft Pink All Access membership

Activating your Lyft Pink All Access membership is easy. First, make sure your Chase Sapphire Reserve is linked to your Lyft account as a payment method.

Click the three horizontal lines at the top left of the Lyft app, then you’ll see the menu appear on the left side of the screen. Click on “Lyft Pink”.

Activate your Lyft Pink All Access subscription

On the next page, you’ll automatically be prompted to activate your free two-year Lyft Pink All Access membership.

Activate your Lyft Pink All Access subscription
Activate your Lyft Pink All Access subscription

Once you accept the terms, your membership will be activated and you can start using your benefits right away – it’s that easy!

Activate your Lyft Pink All Access subscription

What are the benefits of a Lyft Pink All Access Membership?

Lyft has two membership levels: Lyft Pink and Lyft Pink All Access. What are the benefits of Lyft Pink All Access?

  • Free Priority Pickup Upgrades to get picked up faster
  • Exclusive member prices including 10% off all Lux rides
  • Forgiveness Cancellation, cancel up to three times a month for free
  • In-app roadside assistance for your car, free up to four times a year
  • Grubhub+ free for one year
  • Free updates for SIXT car rental
  • Free and unlimited 45-minute classic bike rides
  • Unlimited free unlocks of ebikes and scooters
  • Discounted rates for ebikes and scooters
  • Three bike or scooter guest cards per year

This adds value to the Chase Sapphire Reserve

If you ask me, this is an extremely positive development and makes it much easier to justify the Chase Sapphire Reserve’s annual fee. We see nowadays that premium credit cards offer all kinds of limited-time partnerships, which vary in value.

I’d argue that this is about as worthwhile as this type of partnership is, especially since it’s good for two years, and it’s also good for those who took advantage of their Lyft Pink membership when the partnership between Lyft and Chase was first introduced.

It can often be difficult to crunch the numbers on premium cards, although I think for many people, this will make the Chase Sapphire Reserve worth it. So if you’re an existing cardholder looking to justify the annual fee, or if you’re considering withdrawing the card (this is a great time to apply), this is a fantastic incentive to get the card.

If you share the ride with any frequency, then the partnership between Chase and Lyft is truly a game changer, if you ask me. Being able to earn 10 Chase Points in addition to getting the benefits of Lyft Pink All Access is a fantastic combination that makes using Lyft a breeze in the vast majority of cases.

Bottom line

The Chase Sapphire Reserve is now offering a two-year Lyft Pink All Access membership, which would normally retail for $199 a year. This offers many benefits with Lyft and stacks with the ability to earn 10 Chase Points with Lyft.

This is an exciting new feature and for me it makes it much easier to justify keeping the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Well done, Chase and Lyft!

What do you think of the Chase Sapphire Reserve by adding a membership to Lyft Pink All Access?

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