Why does it take so long to encrypt Facebook Messenger

After a high-profile incident in which the sued Facebook messages led to criminal charges for a 17-year-old girl and her mother in an abortion case in Nebraska, Meta said Thursday that it will expand end-to-encryption tests. -end on Messenger in the future of a planned global launch. This week, the company will automatically begin adding … Read more

How to roll back the new Gmail layout to the old version

Google recently did the unthinkable: it changed the look of Gmail …still. It’s one of the great deadly sins of the tech world: making unexpected, unsolicited and potentially unwanted changes to something so familiar, and indeed so. essential to our daily existence. What is life but an endless stream of unwanted emails, gradually increasing the … Read more

M2 MacBook Air Thermal Mod How To

By the time people started getting their hands on the MacBook Air M2, overheating and thermal throttling were big topics of discussion. While the M2 Air’s performance is more than enough for most people who use the laptop for general work, the existing cooling system can be increased with a simple $ 13 change that … Read more

What to do if a large tech company steals your code

Image: Vintage tone (Shutterstock) In 2016, cybersecurity professional Patrick Wardle heard a story that deeply troubled him: Cybercriminals used malware to covertly spy on people through their MacOS webcams and microphones. In one particularly disturbing case, a hacker had used a malware called “Fruit fly” hijack laptop webcams with the aim of spying on children. … Read more