Australia joins offshore wind alliance as Chris Bowen declares climate change is back on the table

Australian Climate Change Minister Chris Bowen told the international community that “Australia has returned as a constructive, positive and approachable climate partner” in a speech at the United Nations Climate Summit in Egypt.

“We stand by last year’s determination to keep the world as close to 1.5 degrees warming as possible,” he told the assembled COP27 attendees on Tuesday evening.

The direction was supported by Australia which announced it has joined the Global Offshore Wind Alliance (GOWA), which is organized by the International Renewable Energy Agency and aims to see 380 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind infrastructure built in around the world by 2030.

There are currently approximately 60 GW of offshore wind capacity worldwide.

Australia has no operational offshore wind projects, but proposals from private companies would offer a collective capacity of 40GW.

Chris Bowen says: “The future of energy is renewable, not just for Australia, but for the world.”(ABC News: Matt Roberts)

Nine other countries, including the US, UK, Japan and Germany, also joined the alliance at COP27.

Bowen said offshore wind offers exciting opportunities for Australia’s energy system, as well as “our ambition to become a renewable energy superpower”.

Australia has also joined the Global Methane Pledge since Labor took office and pledged to end deforestation in November last year, but has so far not joined the Powering Past Coal Alliance or the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance .

Australia is still in the bottom 10 for climate action

Australia is ranked 51st out of 59 countries for its action on climate change, in the annual Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) by the NGO Germanwatch.

Germanwatch is a leading international climate NGO, which produces the full CCPI every year, with input from hundreds of experts.

Australia’s ranking has risen from 55 in the NGO’s previous report, following the more ambitious 2030 targets.


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