Apex Legends Season 14 “Hunted” Full details on Vantage, Kings Canyon and weapon changes

Apex Legends season 14, Hunted, introduces some old stuff and some new stuff. Scheduled for release on August 9 next week, there’s a lot of anticipation building around the new content. The latest legend, Vantage, is a sniper-centric character who enters the games on the newly modified Kings Canyon map. There are a lot of new changes coming to levels, weapons, legends, and more, so here’s everything you need to know about Apex season 14.

New Legend – Advantage

Season 14 introduces the youngest Legend Vantage entering Apex games at 18. She is Cuban American and is a sniper-based legend who will make all sharpshooters very happy.

  • Passive: Spotter lens
    • Vantage can identify targets on the ground on its own and zoom in while unarmed and without sights
  • Tactical: Echo repositioning
    • Vantage throws her bat friend in any direction she likes and she can dash to where Echo is and do a double jump once she gets to where Echo is.
    • The cooldown for his tactic is the jump itself, Echo can be thrown in any direction at any time but Vantage cannot jump until the cooldown is reset.
    • The echo can be canceled or recalled at any time.
  • Ultimate: The Mark of the Sniper
    • Vantage has its own sniper rifle (like Rampart’s LMG Sheila) that will mark the targets it hits
    • His sniper rifle will deal 50 damage, but marked targets will take 100 damage from his rifle, and Vantage’s teammates can also deal additional damage when the target is marked.
    • The mark on a target will only last 10 seconds and it will Not extend through walls or roofs, it is strictly a line of sight.
    • Vantage’s max doesn’t have to be fully charged to use it, unlike Sheila from Rampart. Vantage’s sniper rifle can be used at any time as long as the final charge has loaded enough bullets. The fully loaded sniper rifle will have five bullets in total.
    • Ultimate Accelerants will charge its maximum of 35% (which is about two bullets)

Vantage has movement skills and long range sniper skills, so it will be an absolute threat to players who excel with snipers. He is able to stand at a distance and deal a good amount of damage while also being able to provide recon support to his team, but he can also get out of some tough situations with Echo or push with his team using movement skills of him. It will be interesting to see how Vantage plays in the leaderboard and competitively.

Apex Legends Season 14 Map Changes

Kings Canyon is undergoing a major makeover in the southwest corner, where the infamous Skull Town once existed. Between Salvage and Octane’s glove now lives the new replacement of Skull Town called Relic. He adds a mass where the map was just a huge gap between the two POIs, adding more loot and spins. The POI Cage has been reworked to be less of a higher point for teams to take refuge in as its floors have been lowered and the outer cage has been removed.

The Broken Portal added more buildings to its location and was renamed Basin and the unnamed landmark between Containment leading to Condenser was also opened. Kings Canyon has also implemented a new skybox to add liveliness and clarity to the overall map. Some changes have been made to the map to increase the flow of central pivot points as well. Kings Canyon loot pool has been changed to improve loot results across the map.

Season 14 will feature Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Stormpoint map rotations with Ranked focusing on Kings Canyon for the first division and Stormpoint for the second.

And speaking of loot, here are some major gear changes in Season 14:

  • The gold backpack will carry 6 more items and will include a bonus Deep Pockets where you can carry stacks of three shield batteries and med kits instead of two. The Golden Backpack will no longer revive teammates with extra health or shields.
  • The Gold Knockdown Shield will no longer include self-revive but will instead take the place of the previous Gold Backpack Guardian Angel bonus where you can revive teammates with bonus shields and health.

Here are also the biggest weapon changes of season 14:

  • SMGS and Pistols will take a new attachment for the laser sight barrel that reduces the spread of hipfire. (Additionally, assault rifles will have a slight increase in hip fire spread)
  • The Double Tap hop up is back and can be used on the EVA-8 and G7 Scout
  • The Skullpiercer is back in rotation and can now be used on the 30-30 Repeater alongside the Wingman and Longbow.
  • The Wingman will now take sniper ammo and use sniper accessories and even with a gold magazine, ammo will only stack up to 20.
  • The Spitfire will now take light ammo and light accessories and with the gold magazine, it will only hold stacks of 60.
  • The Eva-8 has a slight boost to its rate of fire and will add supplies to its attachment list.
  • The 30-30 repeater will now automatically come with Dual Loader and reload two rounds at a time.

In addition to these weapon changes, the Volt SMG and G7 Scout are back on ground loot and the Bow and Fury have been added to the Service Pack weapon rotations.

New level cap

After years of having players shut down at level 500, there is a new leveling system that allows players to level up to 2,000 times in season 14. Think of this new system as a prestige system. Once you reach level 500, your level badge will change to a gold liner and your level will return to 1, indicating that you have prestige one round. You can do this up to four times and earn more free loot with further leveling up.

What do you think of the new changes to the Kings Canyon map? Will you unlock Vantage to play her in the new season? Let us know! Apex Legends Season 14 will be released on Tuesday, August 9th. For more updates on Apex Legends, be sure to stay here on IGN.

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