7 best Altcoin projects to watch and invest in 2022

Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and is the most popular. But many other coins have impressed investors. The rest of the coins are known as altcoins – alternatives to Bitcoin – and many altcoin projects have provided significant returns beyond just holding Bitcoin.

However, the potential downside may be greater: maintaining a diversified portfolio. We have compiled a list of 7 of the best altcoins to watch and invest in.

The 7 best Altcoin projects to watch and invest in 2022

From thousands of altcoins on the market, we’ve shortened the list to the 7 best cryptocurrencies, including a new altcoin project:

  1. Battle endlesslyBest Altcoin Project Ever
  2. Lucky blockPopular competition platform
  3. XRP – Highly effective currency for cross-border payments
  4. Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin fork coin
  5. Stellar lumens – Popular efficient currency for transactions
  6. AXES – Most famous game coin
  7. Cardano – Top-notch Smart Contract Platform

A closer look at the 7 best Altcoin projects to watch and invest in 2022

Now that we’ve established the best altcoins, let’s dig deeper and find out what they can attract investors.

1. Battle Infinity: the best Altcoin project ever

The best altcoin token ever is IBAT. It is the native token of Battle Infinity, an NFT sports game. Players can take advantage of NFTs to dress up their avatar and make it unique. But the main aspect of the game is the play-to-earn function.

Before players can start receiving rewards, they must purchase IBAT on Battle Swap, the game’s decentralized exchange. After receiving the rewards, players can redeem them by exchanging them for other currencies. Players can earn in several ways. They can monetize their land or they can stake alone, in duo or in crates. It happens in Battle Stake, one of the six platforms offered in this game.

The interesting aspect of Battle Stake is that it allows players to fight for the highest rewards. But it’s not just the best players who are rewarded because half of the IBAT transaction fees go into a global staking pool. And it is from that pool that the platform rewards loyal players. So, there is something for everyone with Battle Infinity.

Using the VR headsets, players can guide their avatar through the Metaverse. It happens in Battle Arena, and that’s where players meet and chat with other players in real time. But players can also access Battle Games, allowing them to play various games.

But playing games and leagues requires players to own NFT passes. They can get them from the Battle Market. The main platform is the IBAT Premier League. This is where players build teams and budgets to buy better players while also spending on billboard advertising within the ecosystem.

This is the best time to buy IBAT because it is offered at discounted prices. Its presale began on July 11, 2022 and runs until October 10, 2022. After two weeks of presale, Battle Infinity has raised over $ 1 million. Investors may be disappointed if they wait until the last minute because IBAT may be sold out long before the presale ends. And an IBAT only costs $ 0.0015.

Keeping up with the latest news of the game is possible through the Telegram channel. Just remember that admins will never send DM subscribers first.

Visit the IBAT presale now.

2. Lucky Block – Popular competition platform

The reason Lucky Block is attractive is that it benefits players and investors. The platform’s native token, LBLOCK, has provided investors with huge returns. Those who filled their suitcases in January 2022, when the coin was launched, didn’t have to wait long for a rally. Because LBLOCK increased by over 1,000% in the first two weeks of February 2022.

But players who missed that rally can benefit from the platform’s weekly rewards. To enter the draws, players must purchase a ticket for $ 1 (minimum 5 tickets to enter a draw) and can enter an NFT draw every Friday. The main prize awards the winner $ 50,000 in LBLOCK.

Holding LBLOCK can be profitable if the coin goes on another rally. Lucky Block has developed an ERC-20 version of the coin to be listed on centralized exchanges. So far, LBank and MEXC list the coin, which means more exposure and a larger liquidity pool. The higher the demand for the coin, the higher its price should be.

But the platform is constantly evolving to make rewards and investments more affordable. One way to do this is to develop its platform to allow investors to buy NFTs with fiat currency.

Visit the Lucky Block site now.

3. XRP – Highly effective currency for cross-border payments

Ripple developed XRP to allow users to transfer money around the world efficiently. Not only have they done this, but XRP can be sent globally at any time and only costs a few cents per transaction.

But Ripple is working to make its ledger even more effective. This fintech company knows that NFTs have exploded and wants to introduce affordable NFT buying on its platform. Unlike other altcoins in the top 10 market cap positions, XRP hasn’t experienced a massive bull run over the past couple of years.

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No investor protection in the UK or the EU.

4. Bitcoin Cash – Bitcoin Fork Coin

The creators of Bitcoin realized that Bitcoin is more like gold 2.0 and they needed a cryptocurrency that could process numerous transactions in seconds and act as a payment provider. So the Bitcoin fork led to Bitcoin Cash.

It is called cash because the transaction costs only a few cents and the transaction takes seconds to process. Bitcoin Cash’s goal was to use it as cash to pay for goods in a grocery store. While Bitcoin is more of a long-term investment.

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No investor protection in the UK or the EU.

5. Stellar lumens: popular efficient currency for transactions

Investors who find XRP a risky investment due to its lawsuit with the US SEC may opt for Stellar Lumens (XLM). This coin is similar to XRP because both coins provide an efficient and affordable solution for money transfer and transactions globally.

The price movement of the two coins is also somewhat similar and their characteristics are identical. But Stellar Lumens doesn’t have a pending court case to determine if it’s an unregistered title. Investors who have been in XLM for a long time have received significant returns. This is why Stellar Lumens is one of the best long-term cryptocurrency investments.

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No investor protection in the UK or the EU.

6. AXS – Most popular playing coin

Axie Infinity is a popular play-to-earn game that allows players to receive rewards as they build their army and raise digital pets known as Axies. To play, players must have the platform token, AXS. Numerous players have rushed to play Axie Infinity, with the result that the coin has increased by more than 5,000%.

So not only does the game allow players to make money, but AXS investors have made a big profit simply by holding the coin. That’s why Axie Infinity is one of the best crypto games to play and earn.

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No investor protection in the UK or the EU.

7. Cardano – First-rate Smart Contract Platform

ADA is the cryptocurrency that powers the Cardano network. Cardano users benefit from the platform’s highly effective smart contracts functionality, as well as building decentralized applications and protocols.

The network is also useful for sending funds instantly at extremely low fees. What was interesting to note about ADA is the massive bull run that has gone on after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No investor protection in the UK or the EU.

How to buy IBAT

We have provided screenshots and a step by step guide on how to purchase IBAT.

Step 1: Connect the wallet

Check out the Battle Infinity website, then don’t forget to click “Link Wallet”.

Step 2: buy IBAT

Enter the quantity of IBAT to buy and click on “BUY IBAT”.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction

Make sure you click “Confirm” in the wallet.

At the time of this writing, the IBAT presale is 23% sold out.

Visit the IBAT presale here.

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