4 simple Disney Dreamlight Valley tips to quickly level the friendship

Mickey, Merlin and a Disney Dreamlight character stare at the magical castle.

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Friendship is important all the time, even in the agricultural sim Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here, increasing friendship levels rewards you with new places, characters, and items like gray jumpsuits, because the true meaning of friendship is when an iteration of Mickey Mouse rewards you with unisex clothing, I’m afraid.

And as players, we have to minimum maximum everything, including our friendship with the rat man. However, as players, we also need to go to therapy. I’m here with the best of both. To help you increase friendship levels Disney Dreamlight ValleyI’m suggesting four easy ways to increase your friendship levels with the five languages ​​of love and my high school AP psychology textbook.

If your language of love are acts of service …

When you start the game, completing missions will be your only option to reach friendship level two, which unlocks more efficient leveling methods. The game gives you the ability to work on several missions at the same time and makes it easy enough to juggle them all. So feel free to rack up more missions to eliminate them incrementally like a Peter Pan actor at Disney World defending angry young people.

To start a quest, start a dialogue with a character and continue to the end. A banner showing the mission name will tell you that you have passed all dialogue options and, from there, you can keep track of all your active missions by clicking on the “Missions” tab in the main menu.

The missions will be divided into two categories, story missions and friendship missions. Both appear to increase friendship levels, but friendship missions are constrained by the friendship level requirements.

If your love language is giving …

Giving gifts is the fastest and easiest way to quickly increase friendship levels, but like the rest of this list, only the option is displayed after you have reach friendship level two.

Once you know a character that well, click on it, then choose “I have something to give you!” option. At the bottom left of the screen, you will see three items labeled “favorite things of the day”. Giving characters one of their favorite things earns you bonus friendship points, but you cannot cultivate this method – you will only receive bonus points once per given favorite item.

In some cases, you may decide it’s not worth it, for example, giving Goofy his favorite Bream, which is worth 600 Star Coins, but that you still care about the boy. All right, Dream light will sanction your cruel selfishness.

You can give characters any item in your inventory for a significantly lower increase in friendship points, but it’s still an increase. Some random items, such as flowers, appear to offer an additional point boost even when they are not the favorite items of the day. Meals also offer a friendship boost, but preparing them takes longer than grabbing a handful of flowers, so I wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re really grossed out by the seafood platter in your inventory.

The Little Mermaid and Eric meet on a Disney Dreamlight beach.

The gift of anthropomorphism.
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If your love language is quality time …

Give your friends one of these five tasks: gardening, fishing, foraging, mining, and digging. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to edit an assignment once it’s completed, so choose carefully. Nobody wants to be stuck looking for Mickey for eternity if that’s just not the vibe.

Some characters are predisposed to certain tasks. For example, when we meet Pippo, he immediately shares the joys of fishing with us. But I haven’t noticed a significant difference in the gameplay experience when assigning tasks to characters who canonically like them or not (tell me if you did, though!).

Once you’ve given a task, hit the characters and choose their “Let’s get around!” option. This option is your golden ticket to function and friendship. Going out will not only increase friendship levels, but characters will also help you perform their designated task better by grabbing additional items that you can sell or use to complete friendship enhancement missions. It is pure symbiosis.

If your language of love are words of affirmation …

This is the weakest method of squeezing friendship, but it’s nice to have it in your arsenal. Like the gifts of the day, the conversation options fill up after 24 hours of play. To talk to the characters, click on them and choose the prompt, which will be character specific and depends on what you talked about last time, with a speech bubble next to it.

If your language of love is physical touch …

Please, God, no.


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