S&P 500 surges above key level on Fed head Powell, but inflation and jobs report loom

Dow Jones futures were little changed overnight, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. Salesforce.com highlighted earnings overnight, but investors’ attention will focus on Thursday’s PCE inflation report after Fed Chief Jerome Powell sparked a tech-led stock market rally on Wednesday. x The pace of rate hikes could start to slow at the December … Read more

At least 20 states offer one-time rebates, tax credits

(NewsNation) – Amid painfully high inflation and rising interest rates, at least 20 states are offering one-time tax rebates and credits to help residents cope with the rising cost of living. Americans are experiencing the worst round of inflation in four decades. In October, rates fell to 7.6% from a June high of 9.1%. The … Read more

I can’t imagine traveling without this tiny Nintendo Switch dock

Photo: Andrea Liszewski | gizmode As portable as the Nintendo Switch is, its dock, used to charge the console and connect it to a TV, isn’t. It might be convenient for home use, but it’s a pain to travel, so anyone hoping to connect the Switch to a TV while on the road should definitely … Read more

The oil companies have a phantom state hearing on the windfall profit tax

A Shell station in San Luis Obispo County was charging more than $7 a gallon in late September. Cloe Jones cjones@thetribunenews.com Are oil companies exploiting Californians to cash in record profits? How can state regulators prevent refineries from closing for maintenance at the same time? What are the best approaches to prevent future gasoline price … Read more

Coastal property prices and climate risks are both on the rise. We have to get our heads out of the sand

Australians’ well-documented affinity for sun, surf and sand continues to fuel the growth of the coastal property market. This growth challenges rising interest rates and growing evidence of the impacts of climate change on people living in vulnerable coastal locations. People in these areas find it more difficult to insure their properties against these risks. … Read more

USCIS Deputy CDO Sees Faster Time to Market for Getting the Right Data to the Right People

Agencies are laying the groundwork for artificial intelligence and automation tools by first managing their vast data stores. The primary task of inventorying data and improving data maturity at agencies is a critical step in deploying AI and automation tools across the federal government. But in the process of completing this work, the agency’s data … Read more

Retirement Planning: 5 Moves You Need to Make in Your 40s

mapodile/Getty Images Many Americans may be further behind on their retirement savings than they realize. According to a recent GOBankingRates survey, nearly 63% of American adults have less than $50,000 saved up. The same survey revealed that over 37% think they need less than $500,000 to retire, and another 30% or so believe they need … Read more