The Fed is expected to raise rates again by 75 basis points, then “pave the way for a downward step”

The Federal Reserve is expected to raise the benchmark interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point for the fourth consecutive meeting on Wednesday after two days of Federal Open Market Committee meetings. After that, markets expect the central bank to abandon its hawkish stance to lower inflation and slow the pace of rate hikes … Read more

What are bonds and how do they work?

Teddy Weisberg, CEO of Carnivore Trading, and founder of Seaport Securities, revealed their strategies for investing in a falling market on “The Claman Countdown”. Bonds will pay less interest in the coming months, but will still remain attractive to many investors. These inflation-adjusted US savings bonds are expected to earn an annual rate of 6.47% … Read more

European markets shake off another record number of the EU CPI

Europe It was a rather low month-end for European markets which saw a strong rebound in October after two months of declines. The DAX rebounded particularly sharply, erasing all of September’s losses, while the FTSE100, despite rising to a one-month high, was lagging behind, due to losses from financial services firms that saw a tough … Read more

Here’s how it might impact you

This week, the Federal Reserve will likely raise rates for the sixth consecutive time to fight inflation, which is still at its fastest pace in nearly 40 years. The US central bank has already raised its short-term benchmark rate by 3 percentage points since March, including three consecutive 0.75 percentage point hikes ahead of its … Read more

How to retire in the midst of inflation, according to financial advisors

Fizke | Istock | Getty Images Reaching retirement with a nest egg that you trust will last is a stressful endeavor even in the best of times. These days, those nearing the end of their careers also have to contend with historic inflation, stubborn market volatility, and the remnants of the coronavirus pandemic. We asked … Read more

The Virginia Supreme Court upholds the Dominion’s carbon market tax ruling

The Supreme Court of Virginia (Robert Zullo / Virginia Mercury) Utilities regulators have met state legal requirements by approving a charge added to Dominion Energy Virginia’s bills to pay for participation in a regional carbon market, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled last week. The charge, which was about $ 2.39 more on the average residential … Read more

Elon Musk Twitter Acquisition Updates: Frantic Workers, Chaotic Demands

Within 96 hours, Elon Musk’s acquisition of San Francisco-based tech giant Twitter has generated major aftershocks on the platform and elsewhere. But with all of Musk’s tweets and whiplash-inducing decision making, it’s hard to keep an eye on what’s going on in the Twitterverse. Here’s an ongoing liveblog of everything Tesla CEO is doing as … Read more